Toquilla straw hats, the accessory that makes you look with elegance and style

Toquilla straw hats, the accessory that makes you look with elegance and style

Straw hats, have become an accessory desired by all people, of different ages and social classes. At present many movie stars, singers and celebrities make use of this craft. The art of weaving is what catches your attention the most. Some people know this craft as Panama Hat, but in reality its real name is Montecristi Hat, its name is due to the city where Montecristi Ecuador is made.

These handicrafts are made with "Carludovica Palmata" or known as straw palm. In Ecuador they are made in 3 provinces, Manabí, Azuay and Cañar. It is believed that his popularity is due to former US President Tehodore Roosevelt.

There is a story where it is explained that at the beginning of the 20th century when the Panama Canal was being built, there was a strong heat wave. Former President Roosevelt, seeing the situation, decided to buy more than 50,000 hats from Ecuador, so that the workers will cover themselves with the sun. Although there is no record of this history, it is now known that the hats originate in Ecuador.

Currently, Ecuador is gaining strength in being recognized as the country of origin of toquilla straw hats. The social networks a few weeks ago were lit after the premiere of the video of the ear of van Gogh entitled That Girl, where you can see in one of her scenes that the performer takes the straw hat that is on its packaging, a box where it says the name Ecuador in capital letters. When seeing this scene, the Ecuadorians began to activate the social networks, managing to publicize the news, and that the toquilla straw hat has become an icon representative of the country, so much so that foreign people and tourists, acquire this craftsmanship during your visit.

Many of us, when purchasing a new straw hat, we do it with the fear that it is not original or a copy. A week ago I posted on how to know if our hat is of quality, and explained some easy methods to corroborate its quality and originality.

The first thing you should do is to feel the hat when you buy it, its texture is different from a hat made of plastic, besides being made of straw has a special smell.

Now, to look good with your hat you must choose one of your size, in the shops where true artisans work, they measure your head. To wear a toquilla straw hat, you should not follow any specific rule, this craft is ideal to combine with all kinds of clothing and in all kinds of occasions, although it is believed that it can only be used on the beach, these hats, They have broken that stereotype by being used, in meetings, weddings, parties, and high fashion couture fashion shows.

Then, I will leave a link where I teach you how to combine it with the clothes you have in your closet, and as I always tell you, do not be afraid to look different, own your own fashion and style, risk to look different, put maximize your creativity.

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