Advice for cruise passengers. Enjoy your scale

Advice for cruise passengers. Enjoy your scale

The truth that has attracted my attention the people who dare to travel on cruises. I live in the city of Manta Ecuador, the first fishing port of the country, and I have been able to see how many cruise ships have arrived in my city, and how the people of Manta receive tourists. But the doubt is born, do cruise passengers know what to do in a new city, they will know what places they can visit? As an Ecuadorian, I am encouraged to write this post for future cruise passengers who visit Manta - Ecuador, and know what to do in and what places to visit.

We must remember that as cruise passengers, we only have a few hours to visit the city and enjoy our short stay, so we must make the most of the time.

If you decide to visit on your own and live an adventure, these tips will help you.

First and foremost is that you inform yourself of the place you are going to arrive. Prepare a route with all the information about the city, destinations you want to see or activities you want to do, you can ask the boat's guide to give you a map and some routes.

When you arrive in the city of Manta, the municipality, with the collaboration of artisans, holds artisan fairs, where you can buy straw hats, ponchos or tagua jewelery and more crafts.

Look for the tourist office, at the entrance of the handicraft fair in Manta you will always find a stand of the tourist offices, where you can ask for information about the cost of taxis, places where you can go, and routes that you can visit, including They give a brochure, with all the information of the city. Record the ship's agent  phone in that port that assists the cruise. This way you can communicate with him if an unforeseen event arises.

If you plan to take a taxi, do it through the tourist office, they have a number of reliable taxi drivers. You can also ask how much it is worth and hire the service of a taxi driver per day, remember that you can negotiate, specifying the places you want to visit. Do not be afraid to haggle. Save the number plate of the car and phone of the driver, also make sure to pay for parts, never pay all of one, pay half and half when you reach the end point.

Organize your time, lose our cruise is tedious and complicated, always keep the number of another taxi company, just in case the one you hired does not show or does not arrive on time at the meeting point. Something that always works is to set an alarm per hour, so you do not lose track of time and do not lose the boat.

What places to visit if you arrive in Manta

The places that can visit are several, Manta has several beaches, and tourist places. The most visited beaches are: El Murciélago and Tarqui that favor the practice of sport fishing and other outdoor activities. In addition, the view of the San Lorenzo lighthouse was recently restored, which you must climb a path of tracks of wood, in the top you can take pictures, and observe the blue of the sea. Manta also has one of the most complete museums in the region where archaeological pieces of the cultures that settled in its territory are exhibited.


Scenic Malecon, Central Bank Archaeological Museum, La Dolorosa Cathedral, Civic Plaza Eloy Alfaro and others.


Pacoche Wildlife Refuge, Beaches such as: Murciélago, San Lorenzo, Santa Marianita, among others.


In the area of Pacoche there are animals such as: monkeys, rabbits, deer, squirrels, tigrillos, foxes, light parrot, snakes, guacharacas, pigeons, parrots, parakeets and different varieties of birds.

In the marine zone there are abundant fish like: albacore, picudo, shark (toyo), dorado, etc. In addition there are laboratories of shrimp larvae.

The food can be tasted on the beaches, the bat, santa marianita, and more, the most requested is the ceviche and the roasted albacora some exquisite dishes.

Another place that you can not miss and that is located 15 minutes from Manta, is the city of Montecristi where the finest straw hats of the world are made, in Montecristi you can see with your own eyes the process of making these crafts and acquire one at a good price, in addition is the church of the Virgin of Monserrate, that if you ask your story you will be fascinated.

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