Palo Santo essential oil: 5 benefits for our health

Palo Santo essential oil: 5 benefits for our health

Are you looking to improve your health naturally, or maybe you want to know what benefits we get from using the essential oil of Palo Santo? Before answering these questions, let me explain a little about the palo santo. Many people believe that the Palo Santo only serves to scare away mosquitoes, but this is a mistaken thought, Palo Santo or sacred wood, has several benefits, and can even be found in essential oils, incenseshampoo, and soaps.

Today I will talk about the benefits we can get if we use essential oils.

I practice aromatherapy, and I use this essential oil of palo santo, because its pleasant aroma of citrus helps me to relax and recharge my energies. Its use is easy, Then I will explain the benefits we can get if we use the essential oil of Palo santo.

The essential oil of palo santo is a rich in limonene a terpene proper of palo santo is an antioxidant, antibacterial and natural antiseptic. Its aroma is effective to combat stress and fatigue, relieves stomach pains, reduce the pain caused by arthritis among others.

De-stressing and relaxing natural

The essential oil of Palo Santo has a pleasant aroma of woody citrus, which smelling directly helps activate our brain, helping to relax our body, and clear our mind. You can apply it in two ways, by direct contact or by spreading it in the air. To spread it, you only need a spray, put a little water and 3 to 5 drops of essential oil, spray your pillow, bed, this will help you relax and sleep peacefully. If you want to apply it to your body, you only have to reduce the oil with a vegetable oil, so that it does not cause irritation, I mix it with a little coconut oil, and I put it on my chest, temples, and nape, believe me the next day I feel like new

Reduces the symptoms of flu, cough and allergies

Being a natural oil with a pleasant aroma, which helps recharge our energies, makes our body feel better, decreasing the symptoms of flu, cough and allergy. You just have to apply some drops on the chest to the level of the heart, this will help you to feel better and with the maximum energies.

Reduces muscle and joint pain

As I explained above, the essential oil helps to reduce pain naturally, it can relieve the pain of arthritis, injuries, neck or back and sore muscles. The only thing you have to do is apply the essential oil of Palo Santo mixed with a vegetable oil, to avoid causing irritation, twice a day, at the point of pain, massage until you see that your skin has absorbed the oil.

Insect and mosquito repellent

As we know the sticks or cones of palo santo are burned, with the objective of driving away the mosquitoes, but you can also do this with essential oils. You just have to combine a little water with the essential oil, and spray it directly to your body, or clothes.

Eliminates headache

By having a relaxing aroma and in addition to recharging the energies of our body, it helps to eliminate the headache, all you have to do is place 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in an aroma diffuser, lie down, and close the eyes, let the smell do its job. You can also combine the oil of palo santo, with a little coconut oil, and place it on the nape, temples, and chest, this will help you relax and eliminate the headache.

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  • miriam rites

    miriam rites 09/14/2018 Reply

    Hola,soy Miriam Rites quiero saber cuantos dias se demoran en entregar un frasco de palo santo al 100%. el de 22dls.el envio no cuesta estoy en Guayaquil.
    • Ecuadorianhands

      Ecuadorianhands 09/17/2018 Reply

      Hola Miriam, la demora es de 1 a 2 días laborables después de la confirmación de pago.

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