Yoga for beginners: Basic elements for practicing yoga

Yoga for beginners: Basic elements for practicing yoga

I am really happy to help you in your questions, I noticed how our yoga session "The posture of the week" has been very popular, the main goal is that you, dear readers, encourage and practice yoga at home. Many have asked how to do the postures, but almost all asked what are the basic elements used to practice this millenary activity.

The main thing to be able to start doing yoga, is to have the desire to practice it, you must find a good place in your home, that is, a space, quiet, clear, free of distractions, that allows you to be at peace and allows you to concentrate.

What kind of clothes to wear

In yoga the type of clothing you can use depends a lot on you, that is, you can wear the clothes that you feel comfortable. During my yoga practices I have seen many people who wear pants and wide shirts, for greater comfort. But the instructors usually recommend a little tight clothes, that allow us to stretch and allow us to show well the posture to be able to correct it.

Regarding footwear there is nothing to worry about, yoga is practiced without shoes, in order to absorb the prana of the earth. Although if you do not like being barefoot you can wear socks.

The mat or blanket

As you have noticed, yoga practitioners use a mat or blanket when practicing yoga. The main function of a yoga mat is to be able to offer better traction while performing yoga postures.

Many asanas or postures require that we have our feet well planted on the ground, and not having good traction can cause injuries caused by slips or falls.

Normally the yoga mats are usually quite thin, between three and four millimeters thick. This is enough to isolate us from the ground and benefit us when doing balancing asanas. Also look at the size and make sure you enter well when you are lying down and totally stretched

The blocks for yoga

In some of our yoga publications and videos, we recommend the use of blocks, this tool is ideal for people who are just beginning to practice yoga. The blocks will help you get the right alignment, regardless of your level of flexibility. As I told you above, beginners will need them for the most demanding push-ups. You can find blocks of different sizes and materials: foam, cork and wood . I use foam are more comfortable.

These three elements are the most essential for the practice of yoga, although you can also make use of essential oils for the time of meditation. Usually after having done the asanas or posture, we finish the practice with a meditation, sometimes the instructors sprinkle some essential oil mixed with water, so that the smell helps to meditate and relax. You can use this technique, in my case I use the essential oil of Palo Santo.

You can search on youtube or on the internet about the basic poses of yoga, just as I will leave you the link of our post and the videos, so you can do the posture step by step.

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