5 Curiosities about straw hats (Panama Hats)

5 Curiosities about straw hats (Panama Hats)

Straw hats are a handicraft that many people are currently acquiring with the aim of putting their own style at the time of dressing.

Children, adolescents, and adults make use of this craft, you can wear it in the countryside and in the city, the truth is that there is no specific rule to be able to wear it, it's just a question of combining it and putting your own style, Making a difference

But how many of you know the history of the straw hat, its manufacturing process, its real name? If you are curious, keep reading this post.

1) its origin

As I told you before, many do not know the origin of straw hats. These incredible crafts are of Ecuadorian origin, they are manufactured in three provinces of Ecuador: Manabí, Azuay, Cañar. Usually tourists when they arrive in Ecuador visit Montecristi city of the province of Manabí where the finest hats of the world are woven.

2) The first hats were made in Jipijapa Ecuador

This ancient art is woven by grandmothers and children, it is passed down from generation to generation. Although at present it is attributed to the city of Montecristi as the city where toquilla straw hats are made, their beginnings did not occur there. The place that began with this work was Jipijapa, here the first hats were woven. Later in these lands they dedicated themselves to coffee and Montecristi took command. It is for this reason that many tourists visit Montecristi. Here are the weavers in each store, and there is also the big hat for photos to be taken.

3) The real name

I know that many people think that straw hats are called Panama Hats, but this is due to confusion, this hat has a story that explains all the confusion of its name. It is believed that at the end of the 20th century when the Panama Canal was being built, there was a strong heat wave. The former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, when he saw the situation, decided to buy more than 50,000 hats from Ecuador, in order to that the workers covered themselves with the sun.

The hats at that time did not have any label or mark to ensure that they were made in Ecuador, but at present it has been corroborated that they are indeed from Ecuador, to such an extent that they are educating people that their name is not Panama Hats , its real name is Montecristi Hats or Jipijapa Hats, or simply call them toquilla straw hat.

4) It is an intangible cultural heritage of humanity

Straw hats are made by hand by the same artisans from Manabí, Azuay and Cañar, the art of weaving is a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation in the families of these provinces, especially in the families of city of Montecristi. The "Traditional Ecuadorian straw hat fabric" is a World Heritage Site, granted by UNESCO, since December 5, 2012, a key point that helped recognize that straw hats are 100% Ecuadorian.

5) It is used by celebrities

These hats have acquired great fame in the world of cinema and entertainment, there are many celebrities who dare to show off this great craftsmanship. Among the celebrities who have worn straw hats, is the renowned actor Johnny Depp, who considers the straw hat as a unique accessory. The king of pop Michael Jackson also wore a real straw hat in the Smooth Criminal video clip. The actress of "the fifth wave", Chloe Grace Moretz, who believes that the versatility of this accessory can turn a casual look into a sophisticated look.

As they are also: Madonna, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lopez,  Pope Benedict XVI, including Prince Charles of England.

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