How to eliminate insomnia, using essential oils

How to eliminate insomnia, using essential oils

Who has not suffered from nightmares or insomnia? When I was little I was terrified of sleeping in the dark, I was too hyperactive to sleep, every time I wanted to sleep, I remembered some funny song or moment that I had lived during the day, and when I realized it It was late. At present this problem does not exist in me, but I can see how my niece has difficulty falling asleep and that many children experience night fears to a greater or lesser degree: fear of the dark, sleep alone, nightmares that awaken them terrified .

A few weeks ago, I commented that recently I entered the world of aromatherapy, which I have obtained good benefits in my health, a few days ago I was talking to people who have more knowledge about this holistic therapy, and gave me several tips about the topic, that today I will share.

It should be noted that the advice I will give you below can be put into practice by adults, youth and children, it is just a matter of doing it well. In order to eliminate nocturnal fear and to be able to sleep, we will only use essential oils to practice aromatherapy. The method of use is very simple, believe me that after this you can sleep at ease.

Essential oils that you can use:

Tangerine essential oil

Mandarin essential oil is ideal for soothing the nervous system. It is ideal for use in hyperactive children, has a soft and sweet aroma. Use it for insomnia and to relax. It is also beneficial for hyperactive children. If you do not have or can not find this essential oil, you can use an essential oil of orange.

Palo santo essential oil

This oil is what I use, to help me sleep, it is very common to find it where I live. The oil of palo santo has several benefits, it is ideal to treat allergies, to counteract symptoms of the flu and cough, in addition that it has a pleasant smell of woody citrus that helps recharge your energies eliminating fatigue and stress. It is considered a natural relaxant. They know my niece suffers from allergies and that is one of the reasons she can not sleep, but since we have been using this oil she can sleep peacefully.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular in terms of essential oils to fall asleep and stay asleep. One of its best known therapeutic properties is the power of relaxation that, depending on the species to which the lavender belongs, will be more or less effective.

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile is another of the most used aromatherapy options to relieve the symptoms of insomnia. It is even known that bathing chamomile babies helps them sleep. The essential oil produced by this herb is very effective in producing relaxation and relieving tension, stress and anxiety, which are its main causes.

Mode of use

Pay attention, to the way of use, some essential oils can be very strong so it is advisable to use small amounts when using it with children

Diffusion through the air: You can use a diffuser of aromas, place 3 to 5 drops of essential oils of your convenience, use it before going to sleep, and let its pleasant aroma, relax you and help you fall asleep.

Direct inhalation: This method is one of the most common, just place a drop of essential oil on the wrists, or a handkerchief, to perform slow and deep inspirations before bed, remember that it is essential to take slow and deep breaths, that will help you relax plus.

Relaxing baths: this is one of the most effective, well I use it after exercising and before sleeping, just put in your tub 5 to 8 drops of essential oil, you can use even natural soaps, I use the palo santo soap Its pleasant aroma of citrus helps me to relax.

As a recommendation, I can tell you that if you suffer from allergies or want to relax, use the essential oil of palo santo, I use it and it helps me to relax, to counteract the symptoms of the flu, cough and allergy, I also use it in the morning before to go to work and help me recharge my energies and be relaxed.

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