How to decorate your straw hat

How to decorate your straw hat

Straw hats are an accessory that can be used on any occasion, and with any outfit. I recently explained that there is no specific rule to wear this Ecuadorian accessory. It is only necessary to know how to combine your clothes and put your own style.

I noticed that some people asked that if the same straw hats that are used for the beach, they can be used for the city. Well, the truth is that everything depends on the design, if it's a classic hat, believe me it's good to use anywhere, but if it's a personalized hat, wide-brimmed is more for beach or for a more relaxed style.

The personalized hats, are difficult to acquire especially if we do not find one that is to our liking or that is according to our personality. That's why it occurred to me to explain how they can customize their straw hats. In this post, I will explain how to customize your classic straw hat, and wide-brimmed hats. I recommend you to use a hat that you do not use, or buy an inexpensive one, or a second one.

Have ready all the accessories that you are going to use, I usually use, ribbons, buttons, small artificial flowers, the truth we can use everything we want, thread and needle to embroider, paint or markers for fabric of various colors and scraps of printed cloth. Craft stores often have scraps of cloth for sale.

Customize your classic hat

To personalize the classic hats, the truth is that I only use a few accessories, keep in mind that they are my tastes, but you can decorate as you wish. As you know, classic toquilla straw hats are medium-brimmed, and have a medium crown and have a black or brown ribbon around the crown. I wear this hat the most, I even used it with a little formal clothes. To personalize it, I only change the ribbon I put another of a color that matches my outfit. On the ribbon you can put buttons, or flowers, so you will not have to damage the hat and use it on another occasion. Be sure to measure the crown perfectly to be able to make the tape, so that it is not loose or too tight.

Customize your wide-brimmed hat

The wide-brimmed hats I use for the beach, or for a more relaxed style. You can search the internet, images of these hats to have a guide or a design that goes with your personality. Within my taste is to place a ribbon in the crown part that has several colors, that is a bit more youthful, if it is a hat that we use especially for the beach, you can put pieces of cloth around the hat, that is to say in the wings. Or you can also use a string and make a phrase, in the flat part of the wing, this last idea is the one that is fashionable with regards to the customization of wide-brimmed hats.

Basic Tips

Keep in mind that before starting to decorate your hat you must have a theme or a clear idea of the type of customization you want to do.

When you are decorating your hat, take it and observe it in all possible angles so you can see the smallest detail, and be able to decorate it perfectly.

If you have used hot silicone and when applying an appliqué you did it wrong, do not worry you can use the hair dryer and re-melt the silicone, but try not to do much since you can toast the straw and damage your hat.

Work on a flat surface, to avoid disasters.

I hope you love to personalize your straw hat, if you get it, do not forget to share your photo on our social networks and leave your comment below, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.

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