Adventure tourism: 5 places in Ecuador where to practice paragliding

Adventure tourism: 5 places in Ecuador where to practice paragliding

You have dreamed of flying through the sky, feel the breeze of the wind on your face and practice adventure sports like paragliding. Travel first to Ecuador, the country of the 4 worlds, during the 4th and 5th of August, during the paragliding season in the Trocal. In Ecuador you will find several alternatives to practice paragliding, this country has wonderful landscapes, where you can get close to nature and feel free.

Dare to practice paragliding, riding the air while admiring the beautiful landscapes of the center of the planet. Now show you the 5 best places in Ecuador where you can practice paragliding.

The Troncal - Cañar

The Troncal has a natural beauty that can be seen in its hot springs surrounded by mountains, rivers and relaxation, recreation, embraced by flora and wildlife.During the days from 4 to 5 August, it will celebrate the 2nd season of paragliding, where pilots from all over the country will sail the skies of La Troncal, demonstrating their skills in the air with spectacular maneuvers in a unique and unprecedented competition. Unlike in previous years, tourists and visitors can experience this experience of flying the warm skies of the Troncal

Priorato Alto-Ibarra-Imbabura

It is one of the best places to practice this adventure sport, that is, its climate is perfect, you can visit it 365 days a year. The takeoff will do it from a lawn surface and smooth. The takeoff always depends on the direction and force of the wind is carried out in Aloburo, located at 500 meters of altitude, as in Yuracrusito at 700 meters of altitude.

The flights with tourists are the so-called tandem, in which an expert pilot accompanies the tourist. The duration of the flight can vary from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on weather conditions. It is advisable to wear warm clothes and shoes that protect the ankles.

San Pedro/Santa Elena

The San Pedro Commune of the Santa Elena canton has paragliding as its main tourist attraction, being recognized as one of the best places to practice this sport in several modalities: paragliding alone and tandem paragliding (paragliding tandem), it has a hill enabled with a runway for takeoff and landing, usually has a suitable climate to practice this sport. If you decide to go to this place, you can get an incredible coastal view.

Pululahua-Reserva Geobotánica/Pichincha

It is located 10 km north of Quito, this place is characteristic, by the cloudiness that is produced by the hot air that comes from the Guayllabamba River, from the coast, and it crashes with the cold air of the place producing fog regularly at any time of the day.

The area is one of the few inhabited volcanic craters in the world, and the view it provides will be the best memory in the trip to Ecuador. You can launch from a volcanic peak and fly for about 1 hour or 40 minutes, to admire the capital of Ecuadorians and their surroundings.

This adventure sport starts in the upper area of the Ventanillas viewpoint; It is a thermodynamic zone where paragliders from the city of Quito and other parts of the country usually meet on weekends. The view is excellent in the morning or before noon because in the afternoon, the fog first covers the lower part of the Reserve and then the entire crater.

Crucita - Portoviejo

Crucita nicknamed as the beautiful is a beach in Manabí province where the finest hats in the world are woven. Crucita is known for its practice of paragliding, and for its beautiful beach. One of the most frequented sectors of Crucita is La Loma, located at the southern end of the resort. The geographical characteristics of this site make it an ideal place to practice paragliding and hang gliding, and from here you can observe a magical coastal landscape, from the blue of the sea to the beautiful houses built on the rocks.

You can go and visit this place, if you do not want to launch paragliding, you can stay in the viewpoints and observe the beautiful landscape and its gastronomy.

Travel first to Ecuador and dare to practice paragliding, another sport in adventure tourism.

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