How to keep envy and bad energies away from you

How to keep envy and bad energies away from you

You are going through your best moment, you are happy and you feel that life smiles, but you also feel the negative energies surround you, maybe that is due to the envy that exists around you. But do not worry today in this publication I will teach you how to ward off bad energy and envy.

The bad energies that we feel around us can cause discomfort in us. Envy is a feeling that has a powerful negative energy, which does no good to anyone. The best thing is that you stay away from those people, believe me that kind of people do not add up in our lives.

Now, I will tell you some tips that you can put into practice to ward off bad energy and envy.

Burning Palo Santo

I have already told you in previous posts, the palo santo is a wood that has great properties both healing and spiritual, nowadays you can find it in different presentations in incense, essential oil and even soaps.

To eliminate the bad energies burning Palo santo we can use sticks of palo Santo or the cones, with these sticks we are going to sahumar the house, I recommend that you do it by areas, close all the windows of the rooms, light Palo Santo sticks and place them in a dish or censer, remember that when you start to sahumar the room you should not be inside it or smell the smoke, although the Palo santo has a pleasant aroma , inhaling large amounts of smoke can harm your health. Do this procedure in all rooms.

Use Coal

This method is very used by our grandmothers, well my grandmother uses it. Coal is very easy to get. What we will do is the following: Take 3 pieces of coal, place them in a bowl or dish, proceed to light them, with a little coarse salt. We will do this at night for a week, at the end of this, we will gather all the remains and throw them away. This will help scare away bad energies, and envy from your neighbors

Use fragrances or essential oils

You can use two types of fragrances or essential oils, lavender and Palo Santo. The mode of use is simple, the most common is to use a sprayer, and place a little water and mix it with 5 to 8 drops of essential oil of your preference, once we have everything well mixed, you can spray your clothes, this It will make you a powerful protector of bad energies.

Purifying bath

Take a purifying bath once a week, some forums recommend taking these types of baths on Wednesdays before midnight, the truth is that I do it on Fridays, after arriving from work, believe me it is one of the most special days for me, There is nothing better than relaxing on a Friday night after an exhausting week.

What we will do is the following: we will fill our bathtub and place 15 to 20 drops of essential oil, you can light an aromatic candle. In the case of not having a bathtub you can take a normal bath and use a handmade soap, I use the Palo Santo soaps a natural relaxant that helps me de-stress and eliminate bad energies.

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