Why wear toquilla straw hats?

Why wear toquilla straw hats?

Hello friends, how are you?, As time goes by, I feel we are having more connection between us. Lately I have been talking about tourist places in Ecuador, the beaches that this wonderful country has, its crafts among these tagua jewels and toquilla straw hats, which have become an icon representative of the country. Within all the information and experiences that I have shared with you, I have never spoken to you about why you should wear toquilla straw hats and the benefits that can be obtained with these crafts.

First I want to tell you my points of view of why I like straw hats more than caps, but sometimes also uses.

The caps are considered as an accessory for young people and to wear with sports attire, this is one of their limitations, I can not use them with elegant clothes compared to the toquilla straw hats that I can use with any type of clothes and in any occasion. Now I will explain the reasons and benefits of wearing straw hats.

• One of the reasons why you should wear toquilla straw hats, is that they do not understand age, nor social class, that is, toquilla straw hats can be used by children, youth and adults, people from the city and from the countryside, from the lower class, middle class and upper class.

It is an ideal craft to wear in warm climates or in summer, although I have read many comments on social networks and forums that also use it in cold climates, that is to say that apart from covering us from the sun, the toquilla straw hat can also give us warmth in our head in winter.

• It is ideal to use on the beach, at weddings, with elegant clothes or casual clothes, you can buy one in any color, although I recommend you choose one of natural color, since it will help you to combine it with all your clothes.

Wear a straw hat, gives an elegant and fresh style, experts in fashion ensure this theory, it is for this reason that currently, straw hats are used in fashion shows.

• It is handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans, by acquiring a toquilla straw hat, help to continue with this tradition that has passed down generation to generation in the families of Montecristi, Cuenca, Santa Elena and Picoazá.

These are some of the reasons why you should wear toquilla straw hats, although you are free to decide, if you use these crafts or another hat, the question here is that they feel comfortable and free to show off what they want.

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