Learn the reasons why you should wear tagua jewelry

Learn the reasons why you should wear tagua jewelry

In this week I have had several events and work meetings, the truth is that with the passing of time, one does not know what to wear, nor what accessories to use when combining our clothing, to give it an elegant touch.

In previous posts, I had told them that I use natural or ecological jewelry among these name them the jewels of vegetable ivory or tagua, and I even shared some tips so they can choose their jewelry according to their face and clothing.

This post had good results and I have noticed in some forums, comments about what tagua jewelry is and why it should be used, and how it should be used, which led me to publish this post.

We go from the beginning, the jewelery of vegetable ivory, is made with the seeds of the mocochá, these seeds are called tagua. The mocochá is harvested from the palm Phytelephas macrocarpa, this palm grows in the humid parts of the Ecuadorian jungle. The tagua bears a strong resemblance to elephant ivory.

The process of making the costume jewelery is a bit complex. First the mocochá is harvested, it is how to harvest a coconut, each mocochá can have 15 to 20 tagua seeds, these seeds are exposed to the sun, to dry them and their texture becomes hard. When it hardens its appearance is of ivory, but it is an ecological ivory.

These seeds can be dyed in various colors and can be given any shape, something important is that you can acquire the beads or individual pieces and make your own designs. 

Why use tagua costume jewelry?

Number one and the most important from my point of view is that it is a totally ecological and natural product.

• The appearance of the jewelry in tagua is very similar to the ivory of the elephants and rhinos.

• By purchasing tagua jewelry, we help save elephants, rhinoceroses and other animals that are killed, to extract the ivory and make jewelry.

• The use of these jewels, makes you acquire a more elegant appearance and with a unique style.

• It is an affordable and accessible accessory, if you do not sell these accessories where you live, do not worry you can buy it online.

• There is a great variety of models, colors and shapes to be able to wear with your clothes.

• You can find necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets.

• There are also models for men.

In my case I have tagua jewelry from the most extravagant, to the simplest, and it is inevitable not to use them every day. Believe me, since I discovered that I can make my own designs, in my free time I spend my time making my own jewelry.

Here you have a video where you can get a little more information.

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