Toquilla straw hats, the best male accessory

Toquilla straw hats, the best male accessory

Straw hats have become a classic piece in men's fashion. These handicrafts are famous for their texture, comfort and incredible manufacture, although many believe they are made in Panama, it is not correct, straw hats are made in Pile a town in the province of Manabí Ecuador.

According to the stories heard in Montecristi - Ecuador, toquilla straw hats, originally, were made especially for men in the seventeenth century, as it was used by workers to protect themselves from the sun, even at the beginning of the century XX, they became famous for this same reason, since the workers who built the Panama Canal used it during its construction.

How to wear a Panama hat?

Straw hats are an accessory that is commonly used in summer climates, so people only wear it when it's sunny, or with summer clothes.

Something you should know is that these stereotypes have been completely eliminated, it is not necessary to sun or wear summer clothes to show off these crafts. Straw hats to be a natural craftsmanship, which radiates freshness, makes it possible to combine with all kinds of attire, from the most casual to the most elegant.

In my case, the combination for my casual outfits are shorts, short sleeve shirts, or sweaters, and my classic straw hat. In elegant attire, I can wear a suit and my straw hat, or just a cloth pants, a long sleeves shirt and my hat. The idea is for you to experiment and create your own style.

What model should you use?

At the time of acquiring a toquilla straw hat they must take into account several factors, the main one being 100% natural straw, and not plastic. Something fundamental is that your hat should be your size, so you can look good. If your head is big a big hat will look great, the same will happen if you have a small head, the ideal is that you wear a small hat. Keep in mind to choose a straw hat that does not get loose or squeeze, before buying one, measure yourself, and if you go to buy online, follow the instructions of the store, usually they put you to exact measurement, and they recommend measuring your head with a tape measure. If you are worried about the size of the wings, I recommend that you buy a hat with a medium wing, since you can use it on any occasion.

Rules for the use of toquilla straw hats

A gesture of good education, is to remove the hat but not completely at the time of greeting. If you enter closed places to talk with someone or you are in an act of ceremony it is ideal that you choose to remove the hat completely from your head and hold it in your hand, as a sign of respect.

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