Know the rules of etiquette for proper use of hats

Know the rules of etiquette for proper use of hats

Currently wearing a hat as an accessory, has become a trend in the world of fashion, especially if you are going to wear a straw hat, because it gives you a style of elegance. If you have not used a hat, but plan to do so,  it is important to make sure you follow the basic rules of etiquette for wearing a Montecristi hat or panama hat.

Why is it considered rude to wear a hat indoors?

Something you should keep in mind is that when you enter a place, it is important that you remove your hat from your head as a sign of respect. The places and situations where you have to take off your hat are buildings, houses, the classroom, the theaters, the restaurants and any other place that you are going to enter and you are going to say hello. The exception to these rules are the places in public areas; like receptions or elevators, but if a woman climbs the elevator, the man should take off his hat. You can put it on again or not, when you have got off the elevator and are in the corridor.

This rule applies to all types of hats, including baseball caps.

Take off your hat during formal events

Wearing a hat in formal acts or ceremonies can be seen as disrespectful, so in etiquette etiquette, it says that during, formal acts or ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, group conversations, or during the meal you should take out the hat

Another act of ceremony where you should remove the hat from your head is during the national anthem, hold your hat with your right hand, so that it covers your left shoulder and your right hand is over your heart. Hold your hat correctly when you take it off. Hold it in such a way that the inner lining is not visible to others.

Why is removing hat a sign of respect?

As you greet someone, take the brim of your hat and lift it just a few inches from your head towards the person you are greeting while leaning slightly. This represents a greeting similar to "Good afternoon" or "How are you?".

Also lift your hat a little when you leave a social situation, as long as you bring it over your head, of course. You can also lift your hat by taking it from the cup or from the top of it. You can lift your hat slightly to greet anyone, not just women!

Take off your hat when you start a conversation

This is known as "uncovering" the head. Keep in mind that taking off your hat is a sign of respect for the person you are talking to, such as when you are introduced to someone or join a conversation.

When you meet a superior or someone important outdoors, take off your hat to show your respect. If a conversation in which you have removed your hat lasts for more than a minute, you can put it back on. You can also put your hat back on if the conversation moves elsewhere or if it happens while moving from one place to another.

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