Cuyabeno, natural jewel of the Amazon

Cuyabeno, natural jewel of the Amazon

Cuyabeno is considered the biodiversity jewel of the Amazon and is located between the Amazonian provinces of Napo and Sucumbíos. The area was declared a protected area in 1979 and has an area of 590,112 hectares of tropical forest. One of its main attractions is the Laguna Grande, which is accessed through the river of the same name. Through the streams that come out of it it is possible to know other 14 lagoons inside the reserve.

Cuyabeno is an interesting canton for ecotourism; offers jungle tourism, sale of crafts in a house-museum. It is a highly organized canton and is ready to guide you through its paths in the forest.

Pay attention to the following activities that you can do in the quebeno the biodiversity jewel of the Amazon.

Alligators sighting

In Cuyabeno you can live unique adventures, one of the activities that I like the most, is the observation of alligators. The experience that is lived is exciting, approaching the crocodiles in their natural environment without disturbing them at all, it is fascinating, you may at first have a bit of nerves or fear, but if you do it under supervision and following the recommendations given by the guide, you can enjoy the activity.

Bird watching in the Amazon rainforest

In the biodiverse jewel of the Amazon, there are 493 species, of which 17 are considered threatened, 31 are rare, 3 very rare: common tern, tui peri and pigeon partridge violaceae. Among the most important species that live within the area are: macaws (red and green) that can live from 30 to 40 years; pechipunteado carpenter, corotozoon momoto, piquiliso garrapatero colonizing bird of open areas, turkeys, masked tanager, toucans, big kingfisher, pygmy kingfisher the smallest of the kingfishers, harpy eagle, crested eagle, aligris trumpeter, golicastaña colaespina, piquigrande seedbed , pechinaranja hawk, among others.

Canoe ride through the Amazon rainforest

The canoe ride in Cuyabeno is one of the most satisfying activities you can do. During the walk you can get close to the birds, alligators and monkeys with our experienced guides who assist. Many of the trails are only accessible by boat, and during the trip you will have the opportunity to observe the wildlife along the rivers and lakes in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Something I recommend is that during the sunset, you ride on a boat in the lake Big Lagoon or Lake Cayman Cocha, so you can watch the sunset, it is something amazing and unique, see the sunset from that place.

Practice Kayak

Kayaking is considered an extreme sport in adventure tourism. When you make it in Cuyabeno you can listen to the sound of the forests and have a connection to the river. All you need to do this activity is the kayak itself, a shovel and a life jacket. During the quiet backwater, you can see toucans, hoatzines, monkeys and other wildlife.

Spotting the famous pink dolphin

The Amazonian dolphin known as boto or bufeo or pink dolphin is so common here, it would be unfortunate not to see one. The truth is an unusual animal, no matter how many times you see a dolphin in the Cuyabeno River and in the lakes that surround the National Park, it is always a show that will never bore you.

These dolphins are famous for their legend, pay attention to the following story.

Legend has it that the pink dolphin was a young indigenous warrior, one of the gods envied him all his masculine attributes and decided to condemn him to live in the rivers of the Amazon transforming him into a dolphin. it is said that during the festivities of the month of July several handsome young men dressed in white and wearing straw hats leave the river bank; while the townspeople get drunk and enjoy the parties, those young people talk to the women and seduce them.

It is said that they seek to tell him nice things so that they fall into their networks, he proposes a walk along the river and just the next day the girls in the village can not remember anything of what happened and eventually manages to discover that she is pregnant.

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