Carole and Benoit decided to know the origin of the tagua beads and travel to Ecuador

Carole and Benoit decided to know the origin of the tagua beads and travel to Ecuador

Two friends of ours from France visited our country, Ecuador. Carole worked for approximately four years with the skills of their hands creating tagua jewelry, and she’s bought tagua beads from us exclusively. This time she and her companion venture to see where this vegetable ivory comes from.

Two days of excitement and discovery. Nature showed its benefits in this short time. It is vital that you give importance to these small things which go unnoticed to the commercial world.

Carole journey to Ecuador for Tagua Beads

The first day we toured the courts of tagua Intriago family. Jose Intriago was explaining the process of how tagua is dried, selected and treated.

Then we went to Rafael Farias shop who taught us the agility with her hands to create tagua figures. Rafael did a demonstration for us making a dolphin and an elephant.
This day I discovered a different face of Montecristi which my daily routine do not allow me to see. Even though I pass every day through this county to go to my university.

Men with nimble hands; working people, of tenacity ideas and results have given this place a special feature, village artisans.

After observing the tagua, it was necessary to Carole and Benoit know the origin of it. Where does this eco ivory grow? On this the second day we went to the farm of Joseph Intriago, San Placido. Our guide was Wilter Ramirez.

Nature has made a sharer in the cycle where it needs man, and man needs her; circle where both elements are related. In this case Carole needs of people who create the tagua beads for jewelry. They need people to cut, harvest and dry the raw material; and these people need trees that produce vegetable ivory.

Many people, like our French friends, do not know the process of production of tagua, Carole made an impression to see that the sample palm drops the ripe fruit which at contact with soil and nutrients are new trees.

Surrounded by the colors that make a beautiful contrast of rural areas, where the conjugation is respectful nature and man. Carole and Benoit returning home with photos, adventures, feelings and desires of working with the product they love, with the only difference… today they do know its origin!

DSC00976 DSC00864

PLease check all the picture of Carole’s Journey looking for the origin of tagua beads

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