90 dead elephants, with fangs plucked, were found in Botswana. The biggest slaughter in Africa

90 dead elephants, with fangs plucked, were found in Botswana. The biggest slaughter in Africa

It is sad to get up and see this type of news circulating on the internet and in the media and that people take it as a more unimportant topic. How far is the human being able to reach, in order to generate money? but I think we are the guilty ones, for being vain and continue promoting this type of acts when buying products, crafts and jewelry made of animal ivory.

At least 90 dead elephants, with their tusks pulled out, were found in recent weeks in Botswana, the NGO Elephants Without Borders and the Ministry of Wildlife and National Parks of the country collected these figures after conducting an aerial count of the pachydermic population of Botswana.

Let's be clear Botswana hosts the largest African population of elephants in the wild, estimated in 2015 at 135,000, considered until recently as a refuge against poaching, so that the elephants themselves moved from Angola, Namibia and Zambia to stay in botsuano soil.The richness of its fauna has turned the country into the favorite sanctuary of fans of luxury safaris and one of the poles of the development of its economy, despite the fact that it has one of the most stringent legislation on the protection of fauna and environment worldwide.

The African elephant is endangered by ivory trafficking, and ivory trafficking exists for people who prefer to buy it without measuring the consequences. There are other alternatives such as vegetable ivory or tagua, whose texture and color appear very similar to that of elephant ivory, it is believed that those responsible for this wave of illegal hunting come from neighboring countries such as Angola and Zambia, where They have killed so many elephants in those countries that have almost disappeared. Now, the smugglers come to Botswana.

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is brutally sacrificed, to obtain its fangs. Throughout the world, poaching and habitat loss are leading emblematic species to the brink of extinction. Scientists warn us that with each lost species, the rope of life frays a little more. And when we lose too many fibers, the ecosystems we depend on will crumble.

You may wonder, if there are no forest rangers or police officers to guard the areas or the reserves of the animals against the poachers. If there are rangers, who until May, were heavily armed and allowed to shoot poachers in Botswana. But then the government of the new president, Mokgweetsi Masisi, in office since the previous month, ordered the disarmament of these units, without really explaining the reason. His predecessor, Ian Khama, was considered a passionate defender of the wild fauna of his country.

But as I said before, let's stop thinking that if the rangers have weapons or not, the elephants and the rhinos deserve to live in peace and not be hunted to extract their ivory, with the aim of being used by man, it is true, not you can change the thinking of everyone, but you can generate a change little by little, you look for other alternatives and help to counteract the poaching of elephants and rhinos, use vegetable or mineral ivory, jewelry or ecological crafts, this time were 90 elephants dead, the number of specimens is decreasing every day, do not let this species disappear.

I hope that this information will generate a change of thinking and make you reflect, the data was taken from ElUniverso.com, remember to follow us on our social networks where we are uploading content every day, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.  

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