Manabí the heart of the Ecuadorian coast

Manabí the heart of the Ecuadorian coast

Manabí, land of charms, considered as the heart of the Ecuadorian coast, is a province that has everything, beautiful beaches, rivers, and mountains. Every year it is visited by tourists from all over the world, in addition, Manta Canton of Manabí, is frequently visited by several cruise passengers who arrive in its port.

Manabí is made up of 22 cantons, characterized by its picturesque fishing villages, its beautiful beaches and handmade crafts, such as straw hat, jewelry made in tagua, and ceramic figurines.

It should be noted that its cuisine is a delight, considered the best in Ecuador, for its originality and exquisiteness, its typical dishes are a real attraction for locals and strangers such as: viche, fish sancocho, brown salt, dry Creole chicken, corviche, tonga, cassava and corn tortillas, cebiches, the fiery and the traditional sweets of Rocafuerte.

The banana is one of the most used products in the Manabi gastronomy, bolones, cheese, peanuts and pork rinds are the most preferred when serving a breakfast, accompanied by a cup of Montecristi coffee and jipijapa one of the best without doubt some.

Manabí tourist places you can visit


Crucita is a fishing village, has developed part of its daily life around paragliding and hang gliding flights. The flow of height lovers began 10 years ago when the sky began to splash, especially on weekends, the colors of the paragliders. 90% of the year is suitable for flying, but especially on weekends and holidays and with higher incidence in October or September. The time that paragliders can stay in the air depends on their ability to use updrafts. If you visit Crucita you can see on the way some traditional food places, as objects and crafts of the area, so in the Sosote site, we find the tagua workshops, where you can buy jewelry of vegetable ivory or tagua figurines.

Manta, the door of the Pacific Ocean

Manta is considered as the first fishing port of Ecuador, the growing hotel and real estate infrastructure is not only a magnet for the national tourist but also for foreigners arriving on important cruise ships. Manta has a unique and magical boardwalk, besides the sea there is a variety of plants that makes it more natural, which is why it has been declared a tourist area of first order in Manta, where every weekend there are national and foreign visitors. .

You can also choose to practice water sports in its wide and safe beaches that are ideal for rest and sports such as surfing, diving, fishing, sailing, soccer and beach volleyball. But the fun does not end with the sunset.

The Friars

Los frailes is one of the most beautiful and magical beaches that Ecuador has. You must visit this beach, yes or yes, I assure you that you will fall in love.

It is located in the province of Manabí, in the Machalilla National Park. This beach is separated from the road, has a white sand, is surrounded by cliffs and a viewpoint. To get to the beach you must cross a beautiful dry forest that exhibits species of flora such as Palo Santo and typical fauna of the area.

To enter the friars you must follow some rules, do not enter with food and without pets, this beach is one of the most cared for and its state is so natural that it seems like a paradise. Remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat to cover you from the sun.

City Alfaro

Ciudad Alfaro is a historical place that is located in Montecristi, the city where the finest straw hats of the world are made. The construction of Ciudad Alfaro resembles the figure of a condor and is built with materials used by native manteños 2,500 years ago.

It has several attractions, there is the craft museum, where you can observe the process of creating the straw hat, the manteña culture. You can also learn about the life of General Eloy Alfaro, and you can visit his remains in the mausoleum that has a unique design inside, carved walls and a monument of him.

Travel first to Ecuador and visit Manabí, the heart of the Ecuadorian coast, enjoy its beaches, rivers, mountains and waterfalls. Remember to follow us on our social networks where we are uploading content on a daily basis, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.  

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