Ecuador, a pluricultural and artisanal country

Ecuador, a pluricultural and artisanal country

Ecuador the country of the 4 worlds is a place of warm people, beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine. Our great cultural diversity has allowed us to find our own and consolidated identity in each of the four regions (Costa, Andes, Amazonía, Galápagos).

Each region has its own traditions, customs, myths and legends. The historical legacy and the traditions that have developed over time have allowed the creation of exquisite handicrafts, product of the ancestral heritage of our indigenous peoples and that thanks to their quality and beauty are much admired worldwide.

The skillful hands of artisans express creativity and knowledge passed from generation to generation. Through them, true works of art are created, where every detail is meticulously attended. The crafts are made according to the materials available in the geographical position.

In the north of the country, specifically in Otavalo, it is known for its picturesque craft market, its biggest impact are the clothes known as ethnic clothing, among which stand out embroidered shirts, ponchos, coats, hats and woolen clothes in general.

If your holiday destination is towards the Ecuadorian coast, in addition to finding beautiful beaches, in the Province of Manabí we will find the historic Montecristi canton, birthplace of the genuine "Panama Hats" or "Sombrero de Paja Toquilla".

This craftsmanship or Ecuadorian icon in particular is one of the favorites for tourists, the quality of the fabric and elegant models allow to use them to protect us from the sun in summer or as an accessory in the cold days of winter.

In the forests surrounding Manta, Montecristi and Portoviejo is also born the "Tagua", better known as vegetal ivory due to its similarity to the animal ivory, both in its form and texture.

This product, which was for many years the preferred one for the manufacture of high quality buttons, is today sought after to make handmade jewelery. The tagua beads are ideal to create exclusive jewelry with an exotic touch.

Handicrafts are a manifestation of our past and present, they remind us of the indigenous roots of our country and reflect the richness and cultural diversity. I hope you liked the post, let us know what Ecuadorian crafts you prefer in a comment below. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks where we are uploading new content every day, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram

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