The Palo Santo a sustainable resource

The Palo Santo a sustainable resource

Alternative medicine has gained strength in recent times and between species used is the Palo Santo means “sacred timber”. This tree has a pleasant characteristic aroma. It grows in dry forests of Ecuador and can measure from 4 to 10 meters high. Its bark is smooth appearance.

The properties of this species, also known as Bursera Graveolens are several. Its timber is burned to obtain a scented smoke which repels the flies, mosquitoes and insects that can cause disease. It is also used to ward off evil spirits of the house, being used by healers.

Shamans are spiritual beings who clean the bad energy of a person and diseases that come from cold as flu, cough, asthma and all kind of allergy, just with this technique.

Its aroma helps deepen the spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation. Promotes meditation and relaxing the mind and induces a sense of abandonment. It is widely used in practice yoga, Aromatherapy and reiki. Is used by breathing it for lifting the mood and remove stress.

Of the Palo Santo is obtained Pure Essential Oils that comes from the trees that fall and die by alone. No tree is chopped down. Should be not collect the tree in a span of 40 years to segregate all internal oils and can make use of it. There are people who do not meet that time, but not recommended because the more time passes without being collected, more properties will have.

This sacred timber is curative. It has been used since ancient times and more than 400 years ago has fascinated the Spaniards. At the present continues to surprise, because every time new uses and forms of application are known.

It is a resource 100% sustainable and all parts of the tree are used in one way or another.

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