Learn about our Reforestation Program of Palo Santo

Ten years ago it started an investigation about the history and properties of the Palo Santo tree located in Puerto Lopez County, in the Manabi Province. Nowadays, at that same place there’s an Proyecto de Reforestación de Palo Santo: a visionary plan interesting reforestation project taking place, which is trying to rescue the forgotten tradition of planting for tomorrow.

Unlike other species, the Palo Santo must fall by its own in order to extract the Palo Santo Essential oils and also get incense sticks which are used in aromatherapy. In this process not a single tree is cut down, doing so causes it to lose its properties. The wood that falls is what The Artisan Palo Santo EcuadorianHands.com uses to manufacture the products, and despite the fact that we don’t deforest, we do feel the responsibility to return to nature those fallen trees.

We therefore support the Reforestation Project in Puerto Lopez, through a percentage of money generated by the sale of the products of Palo Santo, which is goes directly to the project. This funding enabled the creation of a greenhouse 6 years ago. Since then an estimated 40,000 trees have been planted. Many of these have been delivered to schools, colleges, institutions, Municipality of Puerto Lopez and even the Machalilla National Park, while the rest have given to people in a more individually way. 

In addition to helping preserve the environment, the sale of Palo Santo has allowed the training of artisans who work in the whole process of production of the various items. There are about 25 people who receive a fair salary and claim to be happy with their work situation and committed to deliver a quality product.

The ultimate goal is to be able to create a forest of Palo Santo for everyone, which will generate oxygen and household work for the local people. Artisans are the ones who will execute the project and thus must continue their training and develop a culture of long-term preservation. All these activities are very important to secured the long-lasting supply of this natural Essential oil.

At the moment we are working on the paperwork and all the necessary permits to keep detailed records of all the advancements of the program. However, in the future customers who purchase Palo Santo products will be certain of their support to the environment through a satellite map which will show the places where the trees are being replanted.

What we have outlined here is a visionary project, the path is not easy, but it is important that we support the work of the craftsmen who still live in harmony with nature and take care of our only home, Earth. 

And you? Are you ready to adopt a Palo Santo tree and contribute to the protection of the environment? Get Palo Santo Essential Oils and Incense products and make the difference!

"We are working to make the Palo Santo sustainable. If we want long-term palosanto, it is vital to use the essential oil and / or their derived products (soaps, cosmetics, etc.), which not only prevents the indiscriminate cutting of the trees, but It gives our body the holistic medicinal properties that are naturally found in this sacred wood. " Indicated Fabrizio Vera president of EcuadorianHands

Being a community project, these 15 hectares are planned to be lent to the people or neighbors belonging to the community, so that they can make sowing of short cycles, in exchange for helping to care for and protect the Palo Santo trees, especially trees under 5 years old that are the most vulnerable.



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