WINNER Mar 2011 – Design by Accesorios Sara Maruri – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

WINNER Mar 2011 – Design by Accesorios Sara Maruri – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011 is proud to present the winner of Mar 2011, Sara Maruri and her beautiful artwork. Votes count ended 33 votes for Sara Maruri, and 29 votes to Indigo Beads (closest contestant).

Thank you again to all the voters for taking the time to join us. We expect you join us in our April’s GIVEAWAY.


Set en Coco y Tagua (Collar) 2

Dear friends, We are starting to receive the designs for the contest of making jewelry for the month of March, and win packages tagua bead and coconut.

As indicated in previous publications, starting this month we’ve modified contest rules and have allowed the participation of artworks elaborated with any material (no restrictions!). We want people in the beading community to learn about tagua bead, seed beads, an ecological material.

On this occasion, a great friend and loyal customer of our beads store and of our beads jewelry supplies, Sara Maruri, decided to join us and share with all of you her beautiful designs. She lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador and I am really surprised by her beautiful artworks. It is curious that after several years of working together, I have recently had the opportunity to see her jewelry artworks. We’re learning a lot and meeting many interesting people through these campaigns that we are performing. We are very lucky: We are in the company of the best community of the world.

I do not want to take any more time from you, Therefore I present the first competitor of the month of March:

Coconut & Tagua Set. Collar, Knob & Earrings. Designed by Sara Maruri accessories. (Please note this has been automatically translated; accept our apologies any mistranslation)

Set en Coco y Tagua (Pendientes) 2

The bead jewellry necklace is made on a Coconut Fan Bead center  in red, adorned with bronze items, Goldfilled, Riced beads and tagua pearls beads camel color and Swarovski Crystal.

The center is attached to the body of the collar, by camel-tone leatherette and brass hardware and gold plated. They are the elements such as as beads barrels, bead tubes of tagua in red and painted wood tones harmonics, likewise interspersed rice tagua beads and camel-tone in combination with small pieces of bronze and glass goldfilled swarovsky.

The Long earrings made of brass hardware and goldfilled, maintain the style of collar and consist of a tagua bead shell similar to the center of the necklace in shades of red and small bead like riced beads of tagua camel-tone, combined with Swarovski crystals.

The bracelets that complements the set, was designed on hardware bronze and goldfilled. Predominate tagua beads and tubes of color red, in combination with tagua rice beads camel-tone, wood pieces painted and Swarovski crystals.

Set en Coco y Tagua (Manilla) 2

Sara sent us two designs to participate. We had to decide for one; The other design can be seen here. We recommend that you visit her website; You might find something new which you’d like for yourself or to giveaway to surprise your loved ones.

Dear readers, if you like this design please post your comments and vote for SARA. The design that has the most comments, will be the winner of March.

Greetings from Manta, Ecuador;



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