How To Create Beading Patterns

How To Create Beading Patterns

When you start with the creation of designs or pieces of handmade jewelry with beads, perhaps it is not necessary to have a pattern. Sometimes it is enough to buy a beading kit from a single model, follow the instructions and you’re ready!

It is easy to create a simple collar with different beads, for this is not needed a pattern, but when you want to create a more complex model or beaded handbags, clothing, hair accessories, hats and other items using jewelry beads, undoubtedly a pattern is very necessary.

Using a pattern  you reduces the chances of making mistakes and avoid the waste of time when working on beading.

If you have many ideas about new models or designs and you want to work in, the following procedure will help you do:

1. Get a clear idea of what to do with this beading project, such as the numbers of pieces that you want to do, the shape, size and other details.

2. Define the number of colors and types of accounts to be used. You may want to take a trip to a beads store that sells a lot of beads so you can find those that perfectly match the image of what you are trying to create.

Today, it is fashionable to use ecofriendly beads or Tagua Beads. They look great!

3. Do not forget to get paper and draw your designs, remember to record the number of pieces, codes and colors used to create each model.

Following this simple beading process you can carry out their ideas in creating jewelry with bead crafts.

Have fun!

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