Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Linny Cazares

Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Linny Cazares

Hi! we are always interested in our comunity of beaders! Recently we sent an interview to some of our past winners of the montly “Tagua Beads giveaway” so they could share what they did with their prize, what hobbies they have, what they love! This interview is with Linny Cazares from USA.

Some of the beads we sent to giveaway winners like Linny

1 Please tell us about yourself. How is a normal day in your life? How did you start beading?

I have a very busy life from day to day, filled with work, school, and church, so beading is one of those pleasures that I have to schedule in so that it won’t end up laid to the side. Beading is one of my greatest pleasures.

I started beading way back in 1969 when I went to The People’s Fair in Denver. It was one of the first People’s Fairs and there was a table that fascinated me. The two women were showing anyone who was interested how to make a daisy chain with beads! They let me stay there several hours and I learned a lot of the craft from them. I was going into ninth grade at the time. It might possibly have been the year before. I am not completely certain, but I do know that I was in junior high school at the time.

From there, I used to go with my family to a shop that sold tons of beads by the thimble full or by the hank. My brother and I bought some nearly every week, vastly increasing our collection quickly. I was always toting my fishing tackle box filled with beads and a project everywhere, even to school and church. I made so many projects that year. I even attempted to make a hand woven table cloth without a loom and a belt. The belt did get finished and sewn onto a suede leather backing with macrame ties, but the table cloth never got finished. The thread I was using was to fragile and kept breaking.

2 How many years do you have beading?

I have been beading since the late sixties. I was much more involved back then, since I did not have all the adult responsibilities. I also had a much more creative imagination.

3 How many hours a week do you devote to this activity?


4 Do you work professionally designing beaded jewelry?

No, I only do hobby level beading, and I don’t always stick to jewelry. I tend to think outside of the box and make pretty things that you don’t normally think of being beaded.

5 What are your top 5 or top 10 beads for a jewelry work?

I usually use glass seed beads or wooden beads mixed with larger beads for emphasis. As for colors, I love to have high levels of contrasts between the colors or else variations on a monochromatic scale.

6 Would you say that your designs are made respecting the environment?

I try to respect the environment.

7 How did you learn about Tagua beads?

I learned about Tagua beads from the contest I won. This was my first taste of the beautiful beads and I love them.

8 What do you like about the tagua beads you won in our giveaway?

Variety of colors, Durability , Versatility, Environmental protection, beautiful finishes.

9 What techniques did you use to make your design with the tagua beads you won in our Giveaway? Which tools?

I just threaded them and wove them into interesting designs. I never really know what I am going to do until I actually do it.

10 Have you used tagua beads again?

Not yet, but I will be.

11 Would you like to use tagua beads in future designs?

Yes, I sure would.

12 Do you have any suggestion on this material?

13 What other hobbies do you have?

Beading and reading are my main hobbies. Sometimes I like to paint.

We are thankful to Linny for her very enjoyable responses, we want to wish her lucky with the daily work and with their hobbies!

Also if you like the beads we sent to Linny you can get them here-> beads

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