The Ecuadorian crafts fairs stand Manta

The Ecuadorian crafts fairs stand Manta

Manta is one of the most important cities of Ecuador, located in the province of Manabi. It lays in a beautiful bay, which has given the characteristic of international port on the coast of the Pacific Ocean that has brought the host of large and luxury cruises from several countries. Choosing our city for its tourism potential that has been developing in recent years. Manta is the financial and economic center of the province, and one of the largest in the country, home to major cultural, financial , administrative and commercial organizations.

The Civic Square of Manta is the stage for several merchants of the city and the province to showcase and exhibit their handmade crafts. These articles are the preference of foreigners who buy handmade jewelry from Tagua and straw hats, to embroidered shirts of Otavalo.

Straw hats “Panama hats”:

At this craft fair we found every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 12pm, traders take their craft products made of straw fiber for sell. We found the popular straw hats handmade in Montecristi (named by mistake Panama Hats)  with a variety of colors and patterns for men and women of all ages. The prices of these hats are from $ 10.00 to thousands of dollars, due to the rigorous processes taken to complete on Genuine Panama Hat.

Artisanal and articles tagua Jewelry:

We found a number of items made in tagua. Starting from US$2 & up to $ 30.00 depending on model and design. There are all kinds of costume jewelry, and color, as well as decorative items.

Otavalo Shirt:

Shirts President Correa or Otavalo shirts are also part of the products found in this craft fair. They are fabric 100 % cotton, with fine embroidery designs by hand and with almost perfect finishes, such as blouses, shirts and dresses, for all household members children and adults.


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