The fedora, a classic and elegant hat that does not go out of style

The fedora, a classic and elegant hat that does not go out of style

The fedora and its "little brother" the Trilby are two of the most famous male hats of all time. Both invented in the 1980s remained especially popular in much of the 1960s. Since then their popularity has dropped significantly, but in 2000 they returned thanks to the recent films and television programs set in the 1930s, a time when that the gangsters abounded.

The fedora was invented in 1981 and the Trilby in 1894 were both traditionally made of rabbit or beaver felt and came in two varieties, hard and soft.

These hats became very popular due to their relatively compact size (compared to something resembling a top hat) and their lower profiles. They could be used comfortably in cars and public transport without the hat brim hiding the driver's line of sight. The Hollywood films of the 20s, 30s and 40s made the Fedora incredibly well known and almost all men owned at least one.

Over time, the Panama hats also took the form of the fedora and became another classic hat for men. The Panama hat comes in a variety of shapes and is distinguished by the material used to make it: The leaves of the Toquilla palm. The leaves of this particular type of tree (although it is not scientifically considered a palm) are soft, strong and flexible, ideal for making light and durable hats.

It is a soft, moldable material (that recovers its shape with a gentle push after having unrolled it) which makes it perfect for traveling, just roll it up, tie a ribbon around it and place it in your suitcase.

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