Interview with the winner of our April’s Jewelry Making Contest: Naz!

Interview with the winner of our April’s Jewelry Making Contest: Naz!

It is very cool to learn about the people who have learned and tried tagua beadsthanks to our contest and to our constant work. Educating is a very hard work, but it pays off when we receive people’s feedback.

Our friend Naz, winner of our jewelry making contest, was very kind to share her thoughts, and here desings with our readers. Hope you like it:

EH: How did you learn about Tagua beads?
I was searching for Bead Jewelrydesigns as an inspiration for my jewelry project for the month and I stumbled upon your web site.

EH: What did influence your decision to buy tagua beads?
I won in a monthly contest. Lucky me I didn’t have to buy my Tagua Beads. 

EH: What is your top 5 or top 10 beads for a jewelry work?
wood beads, glass beads, seed beads, synthetic beads, swarovski

EH: What do you like about tagua beads?
Variety of Colors

EH: Do you have any suggestions on this material?
more choices in sizes and shapes.

EH: What did you do with the Tagua beads you bought? Tell us about the design you elaborated. Send photos, videos, website, etc.
Photos of my work using Tagua beads has already been sent. :))

EH: Would you say that your designs are made respecting the environment? Why?
Some of my designs , Yes. I do use wood beads and beeswax chords which are both bio degradable.

EH: Could you please tell us your name?

EH: Where do you live?

tagua beads giveaway winner april 2011 2da (5)

This design uses Peak Tagua Bead

EH: Tell us how you started beading?
I started to create bead jewelry by accident. I created a web site and I have nothing to put up there because I still was waiting for my merchandise to arrive. So I decided to create bead jewelry and put them up at my site until my merchandise from the USA arrives. Luckily my friends liked my jewelry. So I pursued to do more and learn more about bead jewelry making. I still bead until now.

EH: How many years do you have beading?
2 years

tagua beads giveaway winner april 2011 a (2)

This design uses Blank Lin 24 Tagua Bead

EH: How many hours a week you devote to this activity?
5 hours

tagua beads giveaway winner april 2011 a (3)

This design uses Blank Lin 24 Tagua Bead

EH: Do you work professionally designing beaded jewelry?
semi professional i guess

EH: What other hobbies do you have?
I love crafts. any kind. I want to learn paper recycling one day.

EH: Want to share something about your life? (optional)
I am a Teacher by profession. I want to teach Jewelry design in the future. But before I can do that I need a rigid discipline in this field and I hope I get more education and training to effectively teach this craft in the future.

Thank you Naz for your time, and your pictures. I am sure our readers have enjoyed it.

tagua beads giveaway winner april 2011 2da (4) tagua beads giveaway winner april 2011 2da (7)

These designs use Peak Tagua Bead

Beading for a better world,

Bye, bye,


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