Artworks by Dyanate Designs – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

Artworks by Dyanate Designs – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

This is the 3rd design that has come in to participate in our Jewerly Making Contest and win our packages of Tagua Beads. I am posting the artwoks as they come in, trying to be fair to all the contestants. As you are aware, this is very time demanding, but I like it. I like my work… Not as much as I like surfing, but still it is very pleasant activity to learn so much about different people’s taste. Thumbs up!

I would like to repeat that as we have 2 blogs (spanish and english) and we are receiving artworks for both of them, we will post all the designs in both blogs. However, I will no translate the info the designers attach to their jewelry. Too much time demanding. Let the design-images do the talking! However, only one vote per person will count.

Please remember 3 important things: 1) This is a monthly contest; 2) Participates jewelry beaded with any material (NO RESTRICTIONS!)  and; 3)We will send the beads prize to anyplace in the world, FREE Shipping!

This Artworks belongs to Dyanate Designs, and she wrote:

Artworks by Dyanate Designs – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

“My Mother took a cruise which included an excursion to the button factory and showroom in Ecuador last year. I am a seamstress,

and she purchased a bag of Tagua buttons and slices for me. Intrigued with the colors and shapes I began to experiment with them. I also am a fused glass enthusiast. and began to implement then in my jewelry designs….the rest is history!!

Artworks by Dyanate Designs – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

I have a web site and sell my pendant and earring designs at home parties and artist bazaars. I love the colors and shapes, and dream of new ideas each and every night! I do incorporate the coconut shapes as well, however love the smoothness and fabulous colors the slices bring to my designs.

Thank you EcuadorianHands for my inspiration!!

Dyane Silva Janney
Dyanate Designs”


Dyane didn’t share her website url with us, therefore we couldn’t put it in this post. But we are sure, she has more beauties like this one in her portfolio. I’d like to share some other beads jewelry images she sent, but are not competing.

Remember, the design that receives more comments wins the Tagua Beads GIVEAWAY

This ecofriendly beads GIVEAWAY is brought to you by Your beads store !

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