Wrapped in Red by Indigo Beads – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

Wrapped in Red by Indigo Beads – Jewerly Making Contest March 2011

4th design that has come in to participate in our March’s Jewerly Making Contest and win our packages of Tagua Beads.

This piece of art belongs to Indigo Beads. Her owner, Lisa told us this:

“I got your email the other day, and I would love to submit my newest design for consideration.

I have purchased tagua nut beads in the past, and I sure would love to win some to show them off in my future work. I will also blog about them (again) to remind people of the benefits of using tagua. I didn’t know how many photos we were allowed to submit, so I created a collage of 4 photos.

This is a netted collar necklace I have named “Wrapped in Red”. I have used seed beads in two sizes, bugle beads, cubes, Swarovski pearls and Czech glass daggers.

The necklace measures about 22″ and is 4 1/2″ wide, so it drapes very nicely across the shoulders. I think it will be stunning for evening wear!

Where do we go to see all the entrants?

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

Lisa Criswell


First of all, this is Lisa’s Blog, pls enter and check all her designs.

Lisa, Here you can see all the entrants for the Jewerly Making Contest. The tittle of every artwork contains the month it is participating for.

Also, please share the link with us the link of the post you are going to write about tagua bead. As you’ve realized, we are very intended to get these beads noticed in the beading community.

Lastly, please remember 3 important things: 1) This is a monthly contest; 2) Participates jewelry beaded with any material (NO RESTRICTIONS!)  and; 3)We will send the bead prize to anyplace in the world, FREE

To all our readers: The design that receives more comments wins the Tagua Beads GIVEAWAY

This ecofriendly beads GIVEAWAY is brought to you by EcuadorianHands.com: Your beads store!

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