Tatted Necklace by Gary Steele – Jewerly Making Contest April 2011

Tatted Necklace by Gary Steele – Jewerly Making Contest April 2011

We are starting to accept the artworks to participate in our April bead giveaway.

This piece of art is called Tatted Necklace and it is design by one of our customers, Gary Steele, 61,  from Wisconsin, USA.

This is what Gary said about his piece of art. It is short, but as she is one of our tagua beads customers, she would be sharing with our community her experiences with tagua by completing this interview.

Gary’s words:

“I used Tagua beads in this necklace and would like to enter it in the competition.

Tatted Necklace using silk thread and Tagua Beads.”

Gary’s Interview (filled after the post has been published already)

EH. How did you learn about Tagua beads?
GS. I was looking for ivory on Google.

What did influence your decision to buy tagua beads?
I read some of the history of tagua.

What is your top 5 or top 10 beads for a jewelry work?
crystal, wood, rhodochrosite, tourmaline, pearl, amber, tagua

What do you like about tagua beads? (select all that applies)
Variety of Colors

Do you have any suggestions on this material? (optional)
The major difficulty is poor availability in the US.

What did you do with the Tagua beads you bought? Tell us about the design you elaborated. Send photos, videos, website, etc.
I use the beads for a variety of necklaces, ear rings and bracelets.

Would you say that your designs are made respecting the environment? Why?
The sustainability of tagua, especially given its ability to take color wonderfully well, is an important point.

Could you please tell us how you started beading?

I had been tatting for years. My wife suggested I try making some jewelry.

How many years do you have beading?

How many hours a week you devote to this activity?

Do you work professionally designing beaded jewelry?

Thank you Gary for your time sharing this interview! I am sure our readers have learned a little bit more about tagua beads. To be frank, it has been quite a challenge to educate people about tagua and its benefits. We’re still on the fight!

Tatted Necklace by Gary Steele (1)

Please remember 3 important things: 1) This is a monthly contest; 2) Participates jewelry beaded with any material (NO RESTRICTIONS!)  and; 3)We will send the bead prize to anyplace in the world, FREE

To all our readers: The design that receives more comments wins the Tagua Beads GIVEAWAY

This ecofriendly beads GIVEAWAY is brought to you by EcuadorianHands.com: Your beads store !

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