Tocado Violet by Maria Jose by Maria Jose Martinez - Tagua Beads Giveaway July 2011

Tocado Violet by Maria Jose by Maria Jose Martinez - Tagua Beads Giveaway July 2011

Hello friends,

Here we have another contestant for the month of July. Every day we learn more about beads and all the jewelry we can make with them (jewelry, bracelets, earrings, headdresses, etc.)

Our participant friend is María José Martínez Grimaldo, and she has not known the tagua beads personally either. What is the difference between beads and tagua beads? Can someone please explain to me? I think it's the same, or am I wrong? Accounts to count? Beads to assemble jewelry?

Here is the information you have given us of your beautiful design:

Maria Jose:
"…Good morning friends.

I have the great joy of sending you my contribution to the contest of the month of July. It is a ceremonial headdress, which I have titled "TOUCHED VIOLET".

The name, obviously, is given by its eggplant tone. It is a fine headdress that is sober and very elegant. I have been very satisfied with the result.

To do this I used a raffia cap, on which I have attached amethysts of different sizes. The lace is also raffia, the same color and inside it also carries another handful of amethysts from different branches. The headdress is completed with a veil with two faces, the same tone and curly feathers, which give movement to the whole.

I have made enough photos to choose the best, always under your recommendation to use a white paper as background. Despite having followed the indications, the color obtained has not turned white, but in a romantic sepia color. It is among all those that I have done the one that I liked the most, precisely because of that mysterious color. They have appeared some shadows that to me it seems that they give a lot of character to the photo. If it does not seem right, you let me know and immediately send another one.

Since I do not understand a lot of sizes or pixels, I do not know if the one I'm sending is the right one. I have a little trick to increase or decrease the photos and that is that I copy them and take them to a program called Paint, there I enlarge them or decrease them according to my convenience.

If I have to provide more information about me or my work, you tell me that I gladly facilitate it.

I have an album where I'm inserting albums with some of my works where I have from sculptures to soaps, headdresses or necklaces, photos and designs and this is the address:

I hope you like my work and that I can enter the conjurso of this month of July.

Receive a hug

María José Martínez Grimaldo


Maria Jose, thank you very much for sharing your design with our readers. This is the first time we have published a headdress, and I tell you that we have never seen a headdress made with tagua beads. It would be spectacular if you were lucky enough to win the beads and confections one with this guy. It would be spectacular seeing the great variety of tagua beads that we have.

Then you know, if you win you must make a headdress and share them with the community

Dear readers, if you like this design, please post your comments and vote for Maria Jose. The design that has the most comments will be the winner of the month of July!

Please keep in mind that this tagua beads contest is taken every month by your favorite tagua bead shop,

Learn about tagua and how tagua beads are made

Greetings from Manta, Ecuador.


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