Celtic Woman by Rebeca Rodriguez - Bead Contest June 2011

Celtic Woman by Rebeca Rodriguez - Bead Contest June 2011

Hello friends,

It is a good day to talk about beads and all the beautiful crafts that we can make with them (jewelry, bracelets, earrings.) It is even more so, now that we have received a new participants in our tagua beads contest, corresponding to the month of June .

Our friend participant is called Rebeca Rodriguez and is from Madrid, Spain. Apparently, she has never had the opportunity to know the tagua beads, and I really hope she can win this contest so that she knows them at last and can put her imagination to fly with them ... Many luck Rebecca! 

Here is the information you have given us of your beautiful design:

Rebeca: "... Well look, it's made with Miyuki seed beads 11 / and 8 /. Faceted glass of bohemian black AB color, ceramic beads and Tibetan silver jewelry.

My experience with this keychain was very hard because it was very difficult to perform. I tried it eleven times before I managed to finish it, so I value this work a lot.

I gave it that name because it is a Celtic knot and the result seemed so elegant that the musical group of Celtic Woman came to mind.

I do not know if I can give you more information. Hope this can help you. And I thank you in advance for the contest that you have made. A greeting…"

EH: Rebeca, it's the first time I've heard that a design has a name for a musical group. What kind of music do they play? Progressive rock? I am a battery lover, and I find this type of detail spectacular. It would be very nice to put some type of account embedded in my drum kit! :))

Dear readers, if you like this design, please post your comments and vote for Rebecca. The design that has the most comments will be the winner of the month of June!

Please keep in mind that this tagua beads contest is taken every month by your favorite tagua bead shop, EcuadorianHands.com

Learn about tagua and how tagua beads are made

Greetings from Manta, Ecuador.

Aloha, Fabrizio

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