Arrival of the Celebrity Infinity cruise to Manta

Arrival of the Celebrity Infinity cruise to Manta

The ship Celebrity Infinity arrived at International pier Manta on December 16 in the morning. It was around 1950 passengers who enjoyed the city of tuna boats, in addition to the crew. This ship belongs to the cruise line Celebrity Cruises, and left from the United States.

Natives of Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia and the USA made the tour of the stands that were in the civic plaza of the city, here an artisan fair was opened from 8:00 am. Among the Ecuadorian handicrafts were: Toquilla straw hats, hand embroidered clothing, Tagua jewelry, wicker furniture, essential oils and Palo Santo incenses.

Participated 66 artisans from different cantons: Montecristi, Puerto López, Bahia and Jipijapa. Panama hat weavers were the center of attention; The tourists came to see the different types of fabric of the hats. In addition, more than one tried on hats and others bought this product made 100% by Ecuadorian hands.

Palo Santo products were something new to some people; Many asked about the benefits, wanted to smell its characteristic aroma and other people asked where the ecological ivory came to make the jewelry of Tagua.

In addition to Manta, the cruise will visit other places like Cartagena, Colon, Callao, Arica and Valparaiso. Next January 10 will arrive at the port of Manta a new cruise, Ms. Prinsendam.

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