Naz: 1st contestant for August Jewerly Making Contest. Participate, Win Tagua Beads

Naz: 1st contestant for August Jewerly Making Contest. Participate, Win Tagua Beads

Here is the 1st participant on our Jewerly Making Contest, corresponding to August. Winners get $20-worth of  Tagua Beads.

Entries for August will be accepted until the 25th. Have you joined yet?

Please remember 3 important things: 1) This is a monthly contest; 2) Participates  jewelry beaded with any material (NO RESTRICTIONS!) – We really want all of you to learn and try Tagua Bead and; 3)We will send the beads to anyplace in the world, FREE Shipping!

We really want everybody to learn about these seed beads

This is Naz’s letter:

“Hi Fabrizio

Here’s my entry for this month’s Beads Giveaway Challenge.

I named this piece Boracay Palms, inspired by the best beach resort in the Philippines. I used beeswax thread, glass beads and wood seed beads to complete this exotically pretty piece.

The green threads represents the Trees’ leaves and the green glass beads represents the fruit (coconuts).

I have done a tutorial for this piece too and the hardest to do yet so far because this project will need to rely mainly on the artist’s own creativity.

I hope your visitors will like my entry for this month! 



Thank you Naz for your entry.

Dear Readers, Personally I was surprised for this beaded piece of art. I suggested Naz to try to make some of her works with tagua as it is ecofriendly. It would be more suitable for hew type of work: palms, nature and ecofriendly beads, seed beads, tagua beads

What do you my friends think?

Remember, the design that receives more comments wins the Tagua Beads GIVEAWAY

This ecofriendly beads GIVEAWAY is brought to you by Your beads store !

Would you like to participate in our making jewelry contest and win tagua beds, Please join

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