Marina Cruise arrived in Manta to enjoy its handicrafts and tourist sites

Marina Cruise arrived in Manta to enjoy its handicrafts and tourist sites

On Friday January 13 arrived the Marina cruise with 1300 passengers and 800 crew. His departure was from Valparaiso Chile. In this month six more cruise ships arrive at the Port of Manta with approximately 9,200 tourists and crew. The cruise season ends in August this year.

Since the beginning of the cruise season 2016-2017 the craftsmen have taken advantage to sell their crafts. Panama Hat (Montecristi Hat) weavers have increased their knitting work. They make models of hats, among them Fedora, Borsalino and Colonial. These hats are the most sold to tourists arriving from cruise ships.

Manta provided the best welcome to cruise passengers with a tour of the tourist sites. The Pacoche Forest, Eloy Alfaro Museum and Sanctuary of the Virgin Monserrat were the most chosen. Other tourists chose the beaches Murciélago, Santa Marianita, Piedra Larga and Barbasquillo.

Tourists also saw the making of Tagua jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. These were attractive to women. Something very important that was said to the tourists was the material with which this jewelry is made. Vegetable ivory is used. Comes from a plant that grows in the tropical mountains of Ecuador. It's not necessary to kill elephants.

All this is important because it brings benefits to the local economy, considering that each passenger spends 100 dollars during their stay in transportation, food and handicrafts. In this way, tourism continues to be consolidated!

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