5 beaches of Esmeraldas that will make you fall in love

Esmeraldas is a province of Ecuador is known for its beaches, landscapes, rivers, valuable cultural traditions, the varied and exquisite cuisine, which as time goes by has become one of the tourist destinations of Ecuador, it is for this reason that show, 5 beaches that you can visit in Esmeraldas the green province of Ecuador.


Atacames is one of the most visited beaches by tourists, has a climate with a minimum temperature of 21 ºC and the maximum is 32 ºC. Atacames belongs to the tropical dry forest life zone, the beach is bordered by coconut trees, you can hardly find ornamental tree species and grassland: at 300 meters there is the Atacames estuary, the same one that conserves a mangrove swamp. Among the typical foods are: lobsters, shrimp and fish ceviche, encocados, green balls, casseroles, the famous seafood dish and other varieties of fish and seafood. Particularly in Atacames, skilled artisans work this material, the black coral, which they extract from the sea, where it exists in abundance. Bracelets and necklaces are made in a variety of designs and are in great demand by tourists and visitors.


It is one of the beaches that falls in love with its landscape to the tourists that visit it, in its landscape contrast the nature and the sophistication of the modern buildings of the place.

endowed with hotels and first class tourist complexes, natural viewpoints from where the visitor can appreciate the most beautiful panoramas and the most beautiful sunsets, and the opportunity of recreation practicing water sports. On this beach you can enjoy whale watching during the month of July to September. In addition, its beaches are adorned by beautiful women bathed in coconut oil, vendors of hats, coconut water and ceviche stalls.


Súa is considered the first of the spas in the province of Esmeraldas, it is very popular on weekends and holidays. This beach has the tranquility of its waters, the cozy landscape, its exuberant flora and fauna very similar to that of the Galapagos Islands.

When the tide is high, take the opportunity to swim at your leisure; while at low tide, you can explore its rocks and discover grottos such as the cave of love, see frigate birds and blue footed boobies up close and even swim towards the Isla de los Pájaros.Pájaros.


It is considered a natural paradise of Ecuador, it is one of the places most loved by surfers and tourists. Mompiche has a fine sand, also has beautiful landscapes and rich food ideal to go and enjoy peacefully, reclining under the palm trees, wearing a straw hat. When you are in Mompiche do not miss to go to Playa Negra, whose sand has titanium and shines like silver. In addition, Portete - the neighboring island - is so full of palm trees that you will not want to leave the blanket of its shadows.

Same Beach

The beach of Same belongs to the area of tropical forests, it is a beautiful beach where tourists can enjoy the tranquility of the waters, a favorable place to rest and enjoy the benefits of the sea. As soon as you arrive at Same, you will be surprised by the architecture of the White House. This is a private Mediterranean-style condominium complex, which faces the sea.

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Travel first to Ecuador and dare to visit the beautiful beaches of Esmeraldas the green province of Ecuador.

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