Straw hats toquilla the feeling in China

Straw hats toquilla the feeling in China

Toquilla straw hats every day take more strength in the fashion world, to the point of reaching international land. This time the hat arrived in China where Chinese models paraded this Thursday, September 20, 2018, in Beijing, dressed in beautiful straw hats Ecuadorian toquilla.

The event was organized by the Commercial Office of Ecuador in Beijing (Pro Ecuador) and was part of the III Festival of Hats of China. The objective of all this was to promote in that great market one of the cultural stamps of the Andean country.

The commercial adviser of Ecuador in China, Leonardo Chang, announced that it is important that other cultures know how the toquilla straw hat is made, and above all where its origins come from, remember that there are many people who still think that Straw hats are made in Panama, when in fact they are made in Ecuador.

In this event it was also possible to transmit the effort of the artisan at the time of making a fine straw hat.

The art of weaving straw hats in Ecuador was designated in 2012 intangible heritage of humanity by the United Nations Organization for Science, Education and Culture (UNESCO). Recognition that helped people from abroad know the true origin of the straw hat.

Ecuador is a country that despite being small is known for its beautiful beaches, its tourist places, the kindness of the people. Believe it or not, Ecuador more than export straw hat, is also known abroad for its shrimp, coffee, roses and also cocoa, which is rated as one of the best for the production of chocolate.

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