Santa Marianita Beach a tourist place that you should know

Santa Marianita Beach a tourist place that you should know

The Santa Marianita Beach is located in the city of Manta / Manabí, has several tourist attractions that you should know, is very visited by local tourists as foreigners, since it is located in the ideal rural area for those who want to get out of the routine and the smoke of the city, this beach offers almost 8 kilometers of beaches ideal to enjoy with your family or with the company of your friends.

In my trips to the city of Manta and Santa Marianita beach, I like to wear comfortable clothes, such as shorts, loose shirts, a straw hat and some tagua necklace. The truth is that this beach has a great climate to walk, and enjoy the landscape it offers. In the vicinity of this beach live crabs, as for birds you can see frigates, seagulls, pelicans among others.

The area is also surrounded by restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a delicious typical dish or share a pleasant time with the music and dancing.

Pay attention to the following points, because I will detail the different activities you can do in this magical beach.


Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that you can perform on this beach, the sport consists of sliding on water in which the wind propels a traction kite attached to your body through a harness, so you can sail on a board over the waves or perform maneuvers in the air like a dolphin. In the places where they rent the instruments to practice this sport they give you a class on how to use them, so do not worry if you do not know, in less than 15 minutes you will become an expert.

Walk on the beach

As explained above, Santa Marianita has a great climate, it has an average temperature that ranges between 25ºC and 29ºC. You can walk on the beach, where you can see crabs, as for birds you can see frigates, seagulls, pelicans among others. The vegetation cover in this beach is scarce, in the inferior enclosures of the mountain range there is thorny shrub vegetation, noticing the contrast with small barbasco trees, which maintain their green coloration cup.

Take photos

It is ideal to take good pictures, the landscape is great, imagine a picture that in the background appears the beach with its turquoise sea and in it several kites and people practicing kitetsurf, is priceless. But my favorite moment was the sunset, the sun looks gigantic and orange, if you go with your boyfriend is a good time to take a picture with him and have a nice time and, magical.

Taste the typical food

This is my favorite part, in Santa Marianita there are a lot of restaurants, I will not recommend one because the truth, I have eaten in almost all and I can say that none of them have disappointed me, they all have very good food at a good price, from ceviches to fish, myth, fried fish, shrimp, seafood. Remember the food of santa marianita made me hungry jejejeje!

What I do recommend is to try the mixed ceviches that have a value of $ 9 dollars or less. The price is worth it.

Travel first to Ecuador and explore its beautiful beaches, visit Santa Marianita a paradise to enjoy with your family. Remember to follow us on our social networks and leave your comment below, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram 

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