Next stop: San Lorenzo Beach

Next stop: San Lorenzo Beach

It is usual that every weekend I recommend a new tourist destination in my country Ecuador, in order to know a little more and know where to go if you visit. Today I will talk about a beach that I really like to go often to spend time with family to relax and also to spend in a moment in connection with nature.

It is located in the cape of the same name, it is the most outstanding point of the Manabi coast, where the rural parish of San Lorenzo is located. It has a very characteristic landscape, with rock formations, caves and cliffs. At the top of the mountain is the lighthouse viewpoint with a wonderful view of the ocean and the nearby beaches.

It is a beach that is very popular with wave lovers, such as surfers and bodyboarders. It has restaurants and accommodation.

Here I will detail some of its attractions

It is a very wide beach, with clear sand and regular terrain, where you can run and practice sports such as volleyball, soccer and surfing, or simply observe the impressive colors of its sunsets.

• If the visit in the month of June to September you can see the incredible spectacle of humpback whales jumping in front of the beach, these come from the Isla de la Plata that can be easily seen from the coast.

• In the San Lorenzo parish there is also a waterfall and natural springs that descend from the Pacoche and San Lorenzo woods.

Ecological Reserve Pacoche

Pacoche is a protected area located in San Lorenzo, south of Manabí. Its name is due to the Pacoche hills, located in the Cape of San Lorenzo, in the most outstanding point of the province of Manabí.

The forest exceeds 4,500 hectares. It has a subtropical dry climate, with temperatures ranging between 26 ºC in winter and 24 ºC in summer.

Pacoche is an ideal place to go to enjoy with the family and be able to clear the mind and be one with nature. In this beautiful corner of Manabi, you can see exuberant vegetation, where you can breathe pure air, find your own vegetation such as straw toquilla, and other wild plants such as bamboo cane, palo santo, aromo, laurel, etc.

You can go hiking or hiking through the forest accompanied by a guide during a walk you can see animals such as monkeys, monkeys, rabbits, deer, squirrels, tigrillos, foxes, light parrots, snakes, guacharacas, pigeons, parrots, parakeets and different varieties of birds, also the peasants tell that until a few years ago there was the tiger.

Lodging: In the sector you can find hotels and hostels that provide the service with a value that ranges from $ 10 to $ 40 per person.

Restaurant: In the sector you can find a lot of cabins, bars, or restaurants, I recommend you try the seafood ceviche is one of the typical dishes of the coast.

This weekend dare to visit San Lorenzo a paradise full of charm, beach and nature ideal for families.

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