Gualaquiza the heart of the Amazon

Gualaquiza the heart of the Amazon

Gualaquiza is defined as nature, magic and history, it is located in the extreme south of the Province of Morona Santiago, it is known by all as the Paradise of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Being in the depths of the jungle, the days are filled with peace and serenity. You can get that direct contact with nature listening, the sound of the wind brushing the leaves of the trees, the song of the birds. Gualaquiza keeps in its rivers and mountains hundreds of stories of people who decided to come here in search of new ways of life, based on the exploitation of gold and the colonization of lands suitable for livestock.

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This impressive site is ideal for rafting, kayaking, tubbing and swimming. Near there I found the Cuyes, Cuchipampa and Zamora rivers.

The adventure for the Pearl of the Amazon, as this canton is also known, begins with a walk to La Dolorosa Waterfall and the Cavern, ideal tourist attractions for speleology using only a flashlight and a helmet.

For the explorer and adventurer, Gualaquiza offers a spectacular navigable route along the Zamora River. While traveling through the flow, the visitor can observe wildlife at its finest and learn about the Shuar culture in the Las Peñas sector, a favorable place to acquire pottery and clay objects.

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Meals of Gualaquiza

Frog legs: They are traditional breaded, fried, grilled or garlic. They are served with rice, patacones, potato chips and salad.

The guinea pig, which is parboiled with sauces, is then cooked on the grill, often bathed in butter or annatto. It is served accompanied by mote, red potato, lettuce and chili pepper.

Beverages from Gualaquiza

Chicha de caña: get fresh guarapo. Boil the cane juice for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Place in a bowl add one or two cups of another guarapo that is very fermented.

Travel first to Ecuador and dare to explore the Amazon, an ideal paradise to share with the family and have that unique connection with nature.

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