Learn to combine your straw hat with your autumn clothes

Learn to combine your straw hat with your autumn clothes

We must stop thinking and believe the myth that toquilla straw hats are only an accessory to use in the summer season or in warm climates. Straw hats are so versatile that they can be worn at any time of the year, on all kinds of occasions, and combined with all kinds of clothing. That's why I come to tell you how I wear my straw hat with my autumn clothes, the truth is that the outfits I used and the result I get is unique, pay attention and accompany me in this haul.

Something that never goes out of style in the fall seasons are the flowered dresses. Usually I wear a short flowered dress with a long lycra, a vest and my straw hat, my hair left loose and half wavy.

Something that I always use are jeans, a sweater, a scarf and some tennis shoes, my straw hat that I use is the fedora type, since I can combine it with all my clothes is one of the most versatile. I use this combination to go shopping or to go to the movies. Although I do not believe it when wearing straw hats, it covers me from the cold.

My third outfit is what I use coveralls and a diver or shirt with short sleeves underneath, something Tumbler, with this outfit, I use my hair loose and a pair of tennis shoes and a small bag.


Being autumn does not mean that they always have to wear autumn clothes, they can play with fashion and create new styles, look different and elegant today, and we do not know what results we will obtain if we do not dare to experiment and combine.

Panama hats go well throughout the year. Now in the autumn, let us dare to use them. We have a variety of models for every occasion. We can use them with shirts, vests, scarves, pants and boots. Sure you will love the combination!

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