Next stop: The caverns of Jumandy

Next stop: The caverns of Jumandy

Today I bring you a place full of magic, ideal to have unique moments full of adventures. The Caverns of Jumandy are certainly an exciting place. It is one of the most outstanding attractions of the Napo province. With a journey of one hour inside, you can appreciate underground water currents and the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

Jumandy means 'wise man', but the original name is Humandy, a term that has changed, throughout history. Arriving at the caves of Jumandy means getting reacquainted with the roots of the Ecuadorians.

The Caverns of Jumandy is a beautiful and mysterious tourist place that is part of the ecological park of 7.8 hectares and is approximately 4 meters deep. Minerals such as tin, silver, sulfur and gold are found in the innermost part of the caverns.

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The journey inside the caverns lasts approximately five hours, where you can see underground water currents and their walls and tumbled petrified for millions of years.

The climate of the caverns of Jumandy is an approximate temperature in this place is 23 ºC. The tour costs $ 10 which are divided into $ 5 for the community and $ 5 for the guide who leads the expedition. Inside the caverns there is a deep lagoon about 8 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep, it is only possible to cross it by swimming, the experience is unique. The height of the cave is about 5 to 7 meters.

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This place keeps a good legend that is very intriguing. The name of the Indian warrior who, according to history, resisted the Spanish conquest, has become an emblem of the Amazonian. Jumandy, according to that tradition, established his camp in the caverns when the expedition of Francisco de Orellana advanced with his thirst for gold, for the country of Canela.

This was a place of spiritual recollection, here the shamans went for their ritual fasts or get in touch with the spirits. The cacique Quijo Jumandy, is considered one of the greatest exponents of the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian East, for his audacity and courage in the struggle.

Jumandy is the name of an Amazon chief who led a rebellion against the Spanish in 1578. Legend has it that he hid in these caves to take refuge. Source:

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