Next stop: Machalilla National Park

Next stop: Machalilla National Park

Machalilla National Park is an ecological and archaeological reserve, located in the southeast of the province of Manabí, between the cantons of Jipijapa, Puerto López and Montecristi. It is one of the most extensive protected areas of the Ecuadorian coast and includes two zones: one terrestrial (56 184 ha) and one marine (14,430 nm).

The Machalilla National Park is part of the Tumbes region, characterized by the tropical dry forest, which has three different environments: the continental, the islander and the maritime, the latter consisting of islands, islets, rockers, coral reefs, beaches and impressive cliffs.

The park has the name Machalilla thanks to one of the cultures that occupied territories of the current Manabí in a period between the years 1,500 and 1,000 a.C. The Machalilla culture developed important relationships with other cultures such as those of Western Mexico and influenced the Peruvian coast between 700 and 800 BC. exchanging cultural features with the Tutischainyo.In regard to flora can be mentioned the existence of: Porotillo, muyuyo, cahla, ebony, barbasco, vanilla, mata palo, sbastian, bromelia, jalamana, coquito, pechiche, frutillo, dry, among others.

In its fauna, the strip near the sea we find striking the birds of coast next to monkeys and occasional deer. The highest parts of the Park serve as a refuge for a very rich avifauna, typical of this, among which are: armadillo, anteater, parrot, squirrel, deer, pelicans, gulls, frigates, monkeys, tigrillos, among others.

If you are encouraged to visit the Machalilla National Park you can enjoy several tourist attractions, including beaches, hiking, lagoons and others.

Los Frailes Beach

The Los Frailes beach is one of the most visited beaches in Ecuador. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, to reach the beach the friars must cross a beautiful dry forest that exhibits species of flora and fauna typical of the area. The climate in Playa de los Frailes is hot. Its temperature varies between 25 and 29 ºC.

The fact of being inside the Machalilla Park allowed us to maintain or enter a natural state, clean and quiet, where you can enjoy a warm bath, swim, walk or just relax on its wide beach, enjoying the softness of the sand white.

It is one of the beaches that has some extremely strict rules, if you go to visit it, it has sunscreen, water, an umbrella, a straw hat. The rules are several, you can not enter with pets, you can not enter plastic things, it is forbidden to enter food, you can not make bonfires. These rules are in order to protect the beach, it can be considered as a virgin beach.

In Los Frailes we can find a very diverse flora among the native plants of this area we find: creepers, manzanillo, muyuyo, palosanto, barbasco, cactus, papaya, chapuca, marine pechiche, myrtle or realito, marine purslane, tuna, among others. In regard to its fauna we can find pelicans, buzzards, white heron, seagull, snails, crabs, among others.

Another attraction in the Machalilla National Park is the commune white water, which I wrote before and explain my experience in the sulfur lagoon, and the history that tells your museum, then , I will leave a link for you to have more information. Visit the Agua Blanca commune, a place full of magic and culture

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