Traditional Manabi cuisine, new Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ecuador

Traditional Manabi cuisine, new Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ecuador

Manabí is a province of Ecuador that has magical places where you can go to enjoy, rest, and especially spend unique and unforgettable moments. Beaches, waterfalls, rivers, fields, and more places await you. But today I do not come to talk about the places you can visit, but if you want to have information about that you can click on the following link. Manabí the heart of the Ecuadorian coast

Today I come to talk about the Manabita food considered the best Ecuadorian food, to such a point that the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and the National Institute of Cultural Heritage recognized on Thursday, October 18, the Traditional Manabita Cuisine as Intangible Heritage of Ecuador, during the Solemn Session for the 198 years of Independence of Portoviejo.

In recent years in Manabi, gastronomic fairs have been held, in order to share the traditions and some traditional tricks that have passed from generation to generation, by the Manabitas families. The inventory was compiled that compiled 142 traditional kitchen tiles from the seven rural parishes of the canton; Techniques and knowledge with greater validity and cultural roots in the preparation of food with the use of products from the area were identified.

In the province, or in traditional places where they prepare typical dishes following the letter of the traditions, they tend to care for and raise their own animals (chickens, pig, duck, cow, etc.) that will be part of these dishes, There is nothing more delicious than Creole food.

In the typical dishes of Manabí the most used ingredient is the banana. Manabí's cuisine is the most recognized in Ecuador. This results from an ancestral combination of indigenous knowledge and Spanish methods.

If you want to enjoy the fish Viche or shrimp and crab. Crucita, Pedernales and Puerto Lopez are your best option. Viche is a thick soup that combines a wide variety of fresh vegetables, bananas and peanut-based broth. It is cooked with carrots, beans and various herbs.

There are different versions: it can be made with shrimp, with fish, with both and even with a small lobster.

If you want to eat a Creole dish, the tonga will undoubtedly please you. The ideal place to taste this exquisite dish is undoubtedly Rocafuerte, Santa Ana and Tosagua. It is a dish that includes rice, ripe banana and chicken in peanut sauce. It stands out for its originality when served on a banana leaf.

Its origins go back to the era of rubber workers and the first settlers. The farmers who are looking for rubber brought their lunches wrapped in banana leaves.

The dried chicken or chicken Creole is one of the most requested dishes in the area of the Manabí field you can taste in Santa Ana, Ayacucho, May 24, its preparation is in the typical and ancient firewood ovens, which gives a touch Exquisite that make you taste to the bone. The chicken is cooked in a saucepan with grated onion, oil, tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, cumin, salt and pepper, yucca or potatoes.

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