Next Stop: Ayangue Beach, the Pacific pool

Next Stop: Ayangue Beach, the Pacific pool

Ayangue is a small fishing village, on the Ruta del Spondylus, it is located in the province of Santa Elena, 150 kilometers from Guayaquil, bounded on the north by the San Pedro Commune, on the south by the Palmar Commune, on the east by the parish Colonche and the mountain range of the same name and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The beach of Ayangue is known for its clear and warm waters, the reefs of virgin coral, and the charm of a small town, Ayangue is an excellent place for lovers of diving, it is considered an underwater paradise, by the people who visit it . In addition, this beach has a dry climate, its average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

Ayangue truth is a beach destination with very calm waves, it is one of my favorite places on the Ecuadorian coast, you can do various activities and also its cuisine is spectacular, and if you are a lover of the exotic, there are certain places where they sell cocktails and the truth is they are very rich.

Now pay attention to the following activities and things you can do in ayangue.


Scuba diving is one of Ayangue's star activities thanks to the tranquility of its waters that make it perfect to start and practice this incredible sport.

People who want to practice scuba can choose between obtaining an international diver certification or simply hiring a tour of familiarization with the sport.

El Viejo and El Pelado: They are located approximately 20 minutes by boat from Ayangue and offer great opportunities to see the coral reefs, as well as the marine fauna. Some sightings can be: turtles, lobsters, octopus, white reef sharks, dorado, yellow tail burritos, blue ray snappers, dolphins, angelfish, surgeonfish and more.


Ecuador is a country full of traditions and rich in cultures, and it is common to see handicrafts in every corner of it. Ayangue is not the exception, many families of fishermen make jewels and souvenirs, of stones, shells and bones extracted directly from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, you can also find the traditional toquilla straw hats, and jewelry made of tagua and coconut.


If you want a little jungle adventure during your visit, the tour to the Humid Forest of Dos Mangas is what you need. This tour can be done on foot or on horseback and will take you into the humid forest where you can visit natural pools and waterfalls.

Gastronomy: There is a diversity of rustic places that offer a variety of dishes based on seafood such as lobster, fish and even spondylus.


The proud history of Ayangue and its surroundings has recently been discovered. In the last twenty years, historians and archaeologists have determined that the artisan communities of the area already populated the sector in the year 3000 BC. The archaeological museum of Valdivia is one of the most important in the area. In the museum you can see archaeological vestiges of the Valdivia culture, one of the oldest in America, which predominated in the area from 3500 BC to approximately 1800 BC. Admission to the museum is free, access is possible by public transport or own car.

I hope you are encouraged to visit Ayangue, the Pacific pool, and enjoy its beautiful beach and the activities that can be done in it. Remember to follow us on our social networks, where we are uploading new content every day, and if you visit this wonderful place, upload it to your networks and tag us, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.

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