Know the Province of Santa Elena, a legendary place in Ecuador

Know the Province of Santa Elena, a legendary place in Ecuador

Santa Elena is one of the youngest province of the 24 current provinces that Ecuador has, this city has a holiday infrastructure and a rich variety of tourist attractions. This province has incredible beaches, museums, and is a city rich in history, if you are looking for adventure and culture, Santa Elena is your best option.

The province of Santa Elena is very popular in holiday season and holidays, among the attractions include:


It is one of the most visited beaches of Santa Elena, has an extension of 15 km. It has warm temperature waters, average of 24ºC. Water sports such as sailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, surfing, birdwatching, swimming and the most fantastic from June to September you can watch the whales.


Montañita is a beach where there is strong waves, with waves of approximately 2.50 meters high. Many will say that it is a good option to go surfing, and they are right. Montañita is the capital of surfing! Perform water sports: Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most practiced, there are also boat tours. The duration of these activities can be more than 3 hours depending on the time required of the tourist. Here you can see fish of all colors, starfish, and other animals.

The Chocolatera

The Chocolatera, has a large cliff that is the most outstanding point of the peninsula of Santa Elena and one of the most visited places by tourists. Surfing championships are held on its beaches, due to its fabulous high and tubular waves. Located within the Naval Base of Salinas, in the province of Santa Elena, Currently to have access to this area you need permission from the armed forces, but it is an area of eco tourist characteristics not yet exploited. There is a colony of 20 sea lions, located at the tip next to the surfing area, they seem to have migrated from the south of the coasts of Peru.

The Chocolatera owes its name to the chocolate tone that the sea has when due to the convergence of currents; these, raise the sand from the bottom

Sumpa Lovers Museum

Santa Elena is not only beach sun and sand, you can also find history and culture, this museum was created in 1997 to make known the ways of life of the ancient population of the Santa Elena Peninsula. In this site cultural remains and around 200 human skeletons were discovered, constituting the largest cemetery in America at that time. The museum for the romantics feels the strength of a love that gathered in a hug that never ends between a man of 25 years and a woman of 20 years.

Its rich gastronomy

Santa Elena offers a large amount and variety of cuisine. The cuisine of Santa Elena is generally based on seafood such as fish and seafood. Delicious ceviches of shrimp, shell, lobster, fish, octopus, squid, oyster, clam, mussels, etc. You can also find corviches, bolones, and even rich sweets.

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