Ways to use essential oils that you probably did not know

Ways to use essential oils that you probably did not know

Essential oils are a good instrument in the world of aromatherapy, but their range of applications is very extensive and can do more than stimulate our emotions. Essential oils have healing properties and both physical and emotional benefits so pay attention and learn to use essential oils in a more professional way and help improve your body.

To lose weight

Something that worries women is our weight, although I have always said that one should love as it is, lose weight is not only to see us well, but health. One of the oils used to lose weight is lemon oil. During the meal, spray essential oils through an air humidifier or aroma diffuser lamp, the smell of lemon reduces appetite, preventing you from eating in large quantities.

Diminishes the spots caused by acne

In my adolescence I suffered a lot of acne and the spots that were on my face and back did not look pretty, now my son is going through the same thing, but when you start using essential oils you learn that they can be a good medicine for this type of problems. To treat acne you can use essential oil of palo santo or tea tree. And I recommend that you dilute it with a vegetable oil before applying, a neutral oil, it can be coconut or castor. These oils counteract acne and reduce blemishes.

To alleviate the pain

In general, nowadays being very much with the telephone and the high solar temperatures, can cause small or big headaches. If you suffer from these annoying headaches you can use mint essential oil or Palo Sato without hesitation. You can place a few drops of essential oil on the temples and give some small massages and you will see how the pain will decrease, apart from its pleasant aroma will relax you.

If you are a woman, pay attention to this part, if you suffer from colic every time your menstruation arrives, you can apply a drop of the essential oil to the tea and you will see how the pain diminishes. Remember to ask if the essential oil can be ingested before acquiring it.

To heal minor wounds and allergies

One of the oils that I can use or carry in my purse are the essential oil of eucalyptus and the one of palo santoEucalyptus essential oil has great properties and beneficial for us, if you have a scratch or a slight wound, this can help disinfect, also accelerate the healing of bruises and blisters, if applied together with any vegetable oil and massaged the place hurt.

If you have cough, flu, allergy the oil of wood like the one of eucalyptus are the most indicated, you only must place some drops of essential oil of your preference, mixed with a little vegetable oil and place in the chest and back.

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