How is made the Palo Santo essential oil?

Essential oils have multiple benefits for health and beauty. These are used for asthma, flu, dizziness and vertigo. Aromatherapy is made thanks to its characteristic aroma.

These essential oils have a degree of purity depending on their utility. Those of 33% are used to mix them with infusions and to make an intestinal cleaning. The 100% are used for headaches and discomforts.

The oil is obtained from the Palo Santo tree. This tree grows in the dry forests of Ecuador. A reforestation plan is currently underway to take care of this species and others.

Here is the process of oils. It starts from the selection, boiling, distillation, purification until the packaging.

This is an Ecuadorian product, made 100% handmade. Natural products for health and beauty. 

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