Pile: Fine toquilla straw hats, in danger?

Pile: Fine toquilla straw hats, in danger?

In previous post I have made you know that Pile is a community in the city of Montecristi Ecuador, this community is known for being the cradle of the manufacture of the finest straw hats toquilla worldwide.

In the community of Pile about 600 people reside. One third of these inhabitants are dedicated to the weaving of hats or other products linked to straw shawls. But of that group only twelve weavers make fine straw hats, which can take between three to six months, depending on the texture of the headdress, the hat is so fine that its texture can look like silk.

The fine fabric of straw hat has a Unesco recognition, but without adequate preservation could disappear from the list of heritage assets, the factor is because it is believed that the effort and dedication at the time of making this craft is very high and The price at which the fine hats are sold is very low, meaning that the price is not fair for the effort they make.

This December 5, for the six years of the inclusion of the traditional fabric of straw hat in the representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, will present the Pile Plan, a project that seeks improvement in several aspects of this Manabi community, led by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC).

Among this plan is to promote Pile as a tourist destination, where the creation of routes is planned and many of them for tourists to experience. A route for them to go to people who take the toquilla, others working in the tissue with farmers and other circuit we have detected is the visit of beaches cycling and various other things.

Wearing a fine hat made of toquilla straw is synonymous with elegance and style, its appearance is very different from ordinary straw hats or thick woven hats. Remember to leave your comment about post, and follow us on our social networks where we are uploading new content every day, Facebook , Twitter Instagram .

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