Ecuadorian tagua seed, promoted in India

Ecuadorian tagua seed, promoted in India

The Ecuadorian tagua is a seed that comes from a palm that grows in the tropical areas of Ecuador, nowadays this craft has become very popular in many countries. The tagua is also called vegetal ivory, since its appearance, color and hardness is very similar to the ivory of the elephants.

Last Tuesday (November 27, 2018) a fashion show was held in New Delhi, in which a series of handmade accessories made from the "tagua" seed, a natural product that helps to take care of the environment, counteracting the hunting of elephants and rhinos for the extraction of their ivory, also seeks to expand commercially in this Asian country.

The purpose of the parade in New Delhi was to promote the Ecuadorian corozo, or tagua, and they also explained that it is the seed with which the buttons are made. "Exactly I have tagua buttons, which is one of the most beautiful elements that nature has," said Ecuador's ambassador to India, Héctor Cueva.

During the fashion show there was a collection of men's suits with "tagua" buttons, a natural material that, in addition to being respectful with the environment, counteracting the hunting of elephants and rhinos for the extraction of their ivory, helps create jobs for farmers, collectors and artisans in Ecuador. The toquilla straw hats were also exhibited, an iconic Ecuadorian handicraft.

Currently, Ecuador is "the main exporter of cocoa to India", in addition to wood such as teak and melina, and now these handicrafts, said the ambassador. It was also reported that by 2019, both countries will sign a trade agreement, which will increase exports from Ecuador to the Asian giant.

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