The benefits of essential oils in babies and children

The benefits of essential oils in babies and children

Talking about essential oils and aromatherapy makes me happy, in these last days I have noticed that the internet is being bombarded by questions and issues related to natural remedies or tips for the health of our children or babies.

I really like to be involved in the world of aromatherapy and use essential oils and take advantage of their healing properties. So pay close attention to the following tricks and learn to use essential oils to obtain the properties and benefits.

First of all learn something, babies have a very sensitive skin, so before using any type of essential oil must dilute it or mix it with a neutral or vegetable oil to reduce it and is not so strong.

Strengthens the immune system

Something we always look for our health is to increase our defenses to avoid possible infections, especially in times of viral epidemics. For this I use two types of essential oil, (1 to 2 drops) of eucalyptus or PaloSanto, and combined it with a little vegetable oil of apricot or coconut.

We apply the oil of eucalyptus and of palo santo in part of the thorax, back and feet. Another alternative they can do is at the time of bathing, what we will do is place a few drops of essential oil in the bathtub, mixed with a little milk so that the drops are dispersed and not floating.

Against insomnia

To help you fall asleep, we will use the essence of lavender oil mixed with a little vegetable oil of sweet almonds. The lavender oil is applied with a massage all over the body after bathing and before going to sleep, or you can do it by means of a diffuser of aromas, if you do not have an aroma diffuser, you can place in a spray a little water with 10 drops of lavender essential oil and spray the room, the aroma will make our baby fall asleep.

For a cold or cough

Our babies are very likely to get colds or coughs, so prevention is better than regret. I usually use the essential oil of PaloSanto and the one of Menta the application is easy. Mix 1 to 2 drops of essential oil with 10 drops of almond vegetable oil to help hydrate your skin. The combination of oils was applied on his chest, back and a little on his feet. The Palo Santo has a rich woody aroma and possesses limonene a strong antibacterial, antiseptic agent that helps raise the defenses, and eliminate stress and bad energies.

Stimulation by means of massages

Perform massages to our babies is an action that favors the contact of parents and children. One of the areas that babies like to be massaged gently, is the back, this will take away stress and tension. If you are wondering which oils to use, I recommend 1 droplet of chamomile essential oil and 10 almond drops.


• Before using an essential oil with your baby try to consult a specialist or a doctor to avoid causing an allergic reaction, remember that not all of us have the same skin type and the skin of our babies is a bit delicate.

• Remember not to put oil in the area of the face or eyes to avoid possible irritations, Almost all essential oils, being so concentrated essences, are irritating, so that if we accidentally touch an eye after having handled an oil container essential, it is quite likely to cause us irritation.

• Do not ingest, although some currents of alternative medicine and aromatherapy use essential oils as an internal treatment, it is not advisable to ingest any essential oil without specialized medical supervision.


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